How To Choose a Double Paned Slider Window

Do you want an energy efficient home? Who would have thought that double paned windows can help you in utilizing solar energy efficiently? Having double paned slider windows is not only great for energy efficiency but for other things as well. These windows are aesthetically pleasing, too, and can reduce the noise coming from outside. You can even increase the resale value of your home with double paned slider windows. If you want all of these benefits, you can start by learning how to choose a double paned slider window. Below are a few easy tips you can follow:

  • Consider your motivations for installing double paned slider windows. Do you want to take a part in helping save the environment? Or do you want to keep your home cooler or warmer? These factors should help you in your choice of double paned slider windows. For instance, you might consider getting a double paned window with low-e (low emissivity) coating on the glass if you want your windows to be more energy efficient. If you live in a warm state, a low-e coating on the outside of the inner pane helps keep the heat out. If you live in cold regions, coat the inside of the window pane to keep heat in. Your motivation in getting double paned slider windows will help you pick the materials that your window should be made of, and will also help you in determining the features that your window should have.
  • Determine what materials your window panes and frames should be made of. Once you have determined your needs, choosing the right materials to meet these needs is the next logical step. Glass is one of your best choices. There are different types of glass suited for your windows. You can use tinted glass to prevent light and heat from coming in or low-e glass to reduce heat from coming in without reducing light. You should also check the window frame materials. The materials can come in vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages that you should factor in when choosing one type of material over the other. Ask hardware personnel if you are not certain about the features which each material has. For instance, some materials can be painted over, while others cannot.
  • Determine the functional features that you want in your double paned windows. There are double paned slider windows that also have a screen frame, in case you want to open the windows while preventing mosquitoes and other bugs from entering your home.
  • Find double paned slider windows filled with Argon. This naturally occurring gas found in the Earth’s atmosphere is placed in between the two panes of your windows for energy efficiency. You do not have to worry if your window pane or seal breaks because argon is non-toxic.
  • Manufacturer warranties matter. Some manufacturers offer lifetime and transferable warranties while others do not. The window seal which prevents argon from escaping usually is not covered by warranties.
  • Keep your purchases within your budget. While following all of the six tips given above, you can still keep your window purchases within budget. With the right dealer and a discount, getting double paned slider windows which are sturdy but affordable is possible. For additional features and additional aesthetic considerations, however, you may need to put in an extra buck. Since high quality windows are actually investments for your home, you may indulge yourself with better windows especially if budget is not too tight.
  • Try out the products before buying and after installation. Good double paned slider windows should slide easily and smoothly with minimal noise. Try installing a single set first to see whether the windows will function properly. Otherwise, you may need to check out other products that will fit better in your home.

With these helpful tips on how to choose the best double paned slider windows, shopping for new windows should be easy.


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