How To Choose a Fabric for Slipcovers

If you are going to make your own slipcovers, considering the fabric is very important. Other than the design pattern, you have to make sure that the fabric can stand the test of time and will fit well. Because your choice of fabric can make or break the overall look of your slipcover, you have to be very careful when shopping around. To help you, here is a general guideline in choosing a slipcover fabric.

  1. Know the different kinds of fabric. When you have a considerable knowledge of the different kinds of fabric, you will have a better idea which of them can make a good slipcover for your sofa or couch. Cotton and linen are recommended for a slipcover that will be used frequently. Both are durable, washable, and have strong fiber content. Cotton and linen fabrics that have been combined with other types of fabric are of exceptional quality because aside from their durability, they also are wrinkle-resistant. Other fabric options are synthetic fabrics, rayon, and polyester. If you want a slipcover for purely decorative purposes, you can go for silk and other like materials.
  2. Match the fabric design with the overall theme of the room. You want your slipcover to complement the design, color, or theme of the room, so choose a fabric that can easily go well with all or select elements of the room. You have to pay attention to the color, design, and texture of the fabric.
  3. Choose the one that is easy to wash. The slipcover needs to be periodically washed. How often is determined by how much the slipcover is used. To make the task easier, you need a fabric that is not too heavy to wash. But you don’t want a lightweight fabric either. This kind usually wears out after a couple of months, unless of course the slipcover is not exposed to excessive use. Generally, choose a fabric that is washable and doesn’t require complicated care procedure.
  4. Examine the pattern. If you go for a fabric with a pattern, you have to make sure that the grains are properly aligned. Proper grain alignment means that the fabric weaves are straight vertically and horizontally, eliminating the possibility of crooked pattern. If you end up having an off-grain fabric, you will tend to cut the fabric following the pattern instead of the fabric grain.
  5. Consider the price. Although price should be considered, it is usually only a secondary factor. Because if you choose a fabric only because it is cheaper, you might find yourself scouring the whole of a fabric store for a new fabric after a few months. The best fabrics last for years. And usually, you have to spend more to get the best ones.

When choosing a fabric for a slipcover, it will help if you have as many options as possible. Then, compare them one by one and choose that which will make the best slipcover. If you prefer, you can ask for a small sample first, then examine its fiber strength, washability, design, and pattern.


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