How To Choose a Kitchen Sink

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Every kitchen needs a faucet and a sink. When it comes to picking these necessities, style comes in second. Your primary goal should be to choose a faucet and sink that is going to work well and last you for years to come.

If you're trying to figure out how to choose a kitchen sink, you need to think about how you're going to use the sink. This will play a big factor in your decision-making. 

Luckily for you, we're here to help. So keep on reading and we'll take you through everything that you need to know about picking a kitchen sink!

Find the Right Kitchen Sink Size

Figuring out the kitchen sink size is important for reasons other than making sure that the sink is going to fit. You need to keep the size of the countertop and the main use for the sink in mind. 

If you do a lot of cooking and need room to wash large pans and pots, then a bigger sink with deep basins is going to be useful. However, a big sink in a small countertop space can lead to problems with the installation and with daily use. 

You should start with the size of the sink that's currently installed. It could help to take the sink out before you take measurements. When you measure the size of the space, remember to also pay attention to the location of the plumbing underneath. 

You also want to measure the countertop depth. The width of the sink should fit securely and it should be centered within the cabinet. This includes the space for the overhang of the sink lip. 

Different types of sinks will take up different amounts of space. Let's take a look at your options in more detail.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

When you're in the market for a new home or kitchen renovation, you will need to consider the kitchen sink style or look. It's easier to think about this in terms of installation type. 

Drop-In Sink

A drop-in sink will be set into a hole that's cut into the countertop. These are among the easiest kinds of sinks to install. 

A drop-in sink sits on top of the counter cabinet and it has a rounded, raised edge. This helps to keep debris and water inside the sink. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are also known as apron-front sinks. The wide and deep basins of the farmhouse sink are ideal for washing big pans and pots. 

The front of the sink will replace the front edge of the countertop cabinets, making a decorative panel out of the sink design itself. 

The farmhouse kitchen style adds a bit of country charm and can come in all kinds of materials and sizes. Some models come in stainless steel while others are made out of premium fireclay materials. 

Flush Mount Sink

A flush mount sink is a drop-in kitchen sink that has been installed slightly inset, into the counter. This makes it level with the countertop surface. 

Instead of a rounded lip, a flush mount sink has a flat top and straight edge. This allows it to be installed right up against the counter edge. 

This is a common style for kitchenette sinks because they blend in with the countertop's design. 

Integrated Sinks

An integrated sink is shaped into the countertop. This gives off a continuous look to the design of the kitchen. 

The sink is molded from the same material as the solid countertop, forming a divot for the sink. It then disappears into the style of the rest of the countertop. 

Undermount Sinks

These sinks are attached under the countertop. They produce a flat surface, making it easy to clean up around them. 

The sink wall needs to be installed to line up against the finishing edge of the counter. This provides a clean drop from the counter to the sink. 

Prep Sinks

Another kind of sink type that is fairly unique is the prep sink or bar sink. These can be farmhouse, undermount, or drop-in kitchen sink installation types.

However, they stand out as their own installation kind because of their differences in purpose. 

The prep sink is usually used to complement the true kitchen sink. You usually the prep sink for entertaining and drinks, rather than for the daily wear and tear of a sink that's full of dirty dishes.

The bar sink is small and usually runs shallower and narrower than the standard kitchen sink. It's usually found as a kitchenette sink, in a prep area, or on a kitchen island. 

Kitchen Sink Materials

The right material is going to determine the style and durability of your kitchen sink. When it comes time to clean your sink, the material is really going to show its value. 

A stainless steel sink will provide a contemporary look and is very popular. It needs to be cleaned regularly but is durable and resistant to scratches. 

Copper sinks come with natural anti-microbial qualities. This will help you easily reduce the spread of germs. 

Granite is nonporous and is easy to clean. The stone is resistant to discoloration, chipping, and scratches. 

The Importance of Knowing How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

You'll likely be interacting with your kitchen sink on a daily basis. And by knowing how to choose a kitchen sink, you'll be able to have an easier time prepping your food and cleaning your dishes.

Take your time and do some more research on the different types of kitchen sinks. Then you're sure to choose the perfect one for your home!

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