How To Choose a Lawn Mower for Your Property

Keeping your lawn looking good and healthy will depend largely on the type of tools that you use to trim the grass. Although there are plenty of lawn mowers available in the market, not all of them are suited for each type of lawn. Here’s how you can choose a lawn mower that will work for your property.

  1. Size of lawn. The first factor that you will have to consider is the size of your property. For very small lawns, it will be enough for you to use automatic lawn mowers that only need your push to be propelled. These are a bit harder to operate than the gas or electricity powered lawn mowers, but the difference will usually not be much since you will only take a very short time to mow your lawn. On the other hand, gas and electricity operated lawn mowers work excellently for larger lawns.
  2. Type of grass. The type of grass that grows in your lawn will also determine the type of lawn mower. For instance, Bermuda grass will usually need to be trimmed to about two inches of height. Not all lawn mowers will trim down to the exact specifications of this type of grass, and most people with Bermuda grass will choose a gas powered lawn mower, which has functions that will allow you to adjust the height of the blade so that you can cut the grass in various sizes. For some people, handheld gas grass cutters work best because the handheld grass cutter can be used for very precise grass cutting. But, this is usually difficult to operate for people who have never handled the device before.
  3. Push reel mower. You can also consider using a push reel mower if you have smaller lawns. These are powered by the push, and usually have an unmoving knife over which is a circular blade that will rotate as you push the mower.
  4. Mulching mower. If you do not want to be bothered with the grass clippings as you mow your lawn, you can transform the glass clippings into mulch right as you cut the grass using a mulching mower. One of the advantages of the mulching mower is its ecological friendliness, which will allow you to fertilize the soil with grass clippings as you trim your lawn.
  5. Gas or electric rotary lawn mower. For larger lawns, on the other, the gas or electric rotary lawn mowers are the best options. These are very easy to operate, and have settings that will allow you to adjust the height of the cutting blades. These will also be useful for lawns that have grasses, whose blades are bent, which some grass cutters will miss.
  6. Riding mower. Finally, you can use a riding mower if your property is very large. These lawn mowers are the easiest to use since you can sit on the device as you mow the lawn. Riding mowers are usually best for commercial properties with expansive lawns.

With knowledge of the right type of lawn mower to use for your particular type of property, making the mowing job easy is possible.


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