How To Choose a Paint Color

There are several things that you should consider when choosing the right paint color for your home. After hiring a painter that will do the job for you, your next task will be finding the right color that fits you and your home.

  • Be sure to have a lot of patience while going over the various choices that you may have. House paint must match with your fabrics, rugs and wallpapers. Keep in mind that patience is always a virtue.
  • Research, analyze and review. Just by clicking on your computer at home, all of your questions can now be answered. Check out the latest trends and the popular names in interior designing and try to check out their blog sites for tips. You can research for a designer’s ideas for living room and bedrooms as well by logging on to their sites or discussion forums. The Internet has reliable information when it comes to all your color needs, trends for 2009, etc.
  • Keep in my mind that dark colors absorb heat and they tend to fade faster compared to the lighter ones.
  • When you plan to paint exterior siding of the house, you may consider professional consult.
  • Walking around your neighborhood and getting ideas from their houses would also be helpful. Asking your friendly neighbor for the color of their house and the brand of paint that they used would also help.
  • Study your colors carefully. You can refer to a Behr paint color chart. If you have a wooded house, you may consider using a taupe paint and other earthy tones.
  • Begin with a color scheme in mind. The main color or your wall color should appear on 60 percent of your room surface. Your mid-tone color should be 30 percent visible in your room. This can be manifested in your sofa, drapes or bed skirt. And the remaining 10 percent will be for your accent color as seen on your accessories like vases, cushions and pillows.
  • Find a good and tested brand. An interesting choice is Glidden Color. They have available testers on selected stores nationwide.
  • A lot of paint stores now offer computer imaging as visualizer so that you will have an accurate picture of what your house would look like. Once you have narrowed your paint choices to a handful, you may buy a small amount of each and try them all at your house. Though the use of computer imaging is good enough, trying the color in your very own wall would help you make a final decision.
  • You may also consider the palest shade of color for your moldings, doors and windows. You can try bright colors for trim on your light walls for a striking look.

Knowing the right paint color for your house could be a difficult and complicated task for you. But if you put all your heart and effort into it, you are sure to reap a wonderful reward after seeing your very own haven transform.


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