How To Choose a Patio Umbrella

It's summer, and what better way for you to relax than to bask in the summer heat at your poolside underneath an umbrella. But not only any parasol or regular umbrella will do--you need a patio umbrella. You still don't have that patio umbrella, so what are you waiting for, check out patio umbrellas in your shopping mall or online stores so you can start de-stressing in your home. What kind of patio umbrella should you buy? Yes, there are a lot of choices, and the task might seem daunting, but with the help of a few guiding tips, it shouldn't be too hard. 

  1. You need to choose if you want an offset patio or a freestanding umbrella. These umbrellas are more flexible than the standard freestanding ones. Offset umbrellas have cantilever designs together with an offset base, the shade of which will extend to your desired area. This type of umbrella can give you the shade that you want, and it doesn't obstruct any view. Freestanding umbrellas, on the other hand, have the standard patio umbrella designs. The pole of the umbrella extends from its base up to the middle of the shade where you secure it with an umbrella stand. The freestanding umbrellas though are more portable than the offset ones, because the offset ones are heavier and they need big and heavy slabs (weighted) to secure the base. Check out their stand as well and make sure that they are durable.
  2. Be mindful of the space where you will be putting your umbrella, and be sure to measure it so that you get the right umbrella size that will suit your needs. Patio umbrellas should be at the minimum 5 feet bigger than the area that you want shaded.
  3. Check the current surroundings of your home and get a feel for it. Then you can choose if a wooden or aluminum pole for your patio umbrella will be in sync more with your present home theme. Choose your desired canopy fabric type for your patio umbrella. You can also use a canvas type, but this is usually used for industrial and marine purposes. You can choose from 4 kinds:
    • Sunbrella patio umbrella fabric
    • Solution-dyed patio umbrella fabric
    • Olefin patio umbrellas
    • Acrylic and spun poly patio umbrella fabric
  4. Figure out how much time you are going to be using your patio umbrella so that you can figure out the style of fabric that you would need and the right design for you. Make sure to also pick an umbrella that is windproof, rain proof and cleans easy. You wouldn't want to be slaving over the cleaning.
  5. Decide which colors suit you and your home best, then have fun shopping for it.

There are so many quality umbrella makers out there like Shedrain,, and so many others out there. You just need to figure out the right type that will suit your budget, your lifestyle and your home.


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