How To Choose a Round Bed

Hugh Hefner has one at the Playboy Mansion.  So do countless hotels and Hollywood stars who favor the unconventional.  Round beds have always been something of a novelty, but with furniture stores like IKEA offering them as an affordable bedding option, and round beds being featured on such TV shows as Extreme Makeover, they are gaining in popularity once again.

A round bed most certainly is not the traditional box spring and mattress.  There's a certain element of flair, romance and avant garde skill to choosing a round bed.  First of all, it's important that you have a big enough room to hold this piece of furniture, since you will want the option of walking around the bed from all angles. The average round bed has a 7-foot diameter mattress. Don't make the mistake of trying to squeeze a round bed into too small a bedroom, because the result will look silly and unattractive.

When choosing a round bed, you must also be willing to spend a bit more on getting appropriate bedding for this style of bed; traditional full, queen or king sized sheets won't work on this mattress. Finding blankets and comforters to fit the round shape may prove equally challenging and you may eventually have to invest in more expensive custom-made bedding.

Many couples whose master bedroom showcases dramatic outside views through picture glass windows favor round beds because of the 360 degree viewpoint the bed offers.  Add a round bed to a bedroom with a large screen TV and fireplace, and you have all the makings of a bachelor pad.

A round bed can be used without a formal headboard when it's positioned in the center of the room under the main light fixture or a romantic-looking chandelier.  Unlike the traditional bed which takes two pillows at the head, the round bed encourages a more free-form sleeping environment and pillows of several different shapes and sizes can be set atop the bed to help the round bed function as a gigantic lounging space.

Round beds can be custom-ordered to come on a revolving platform so that the bed can turn to look out the windows from any angle without having to move your body once sitting or sleeping on the bed.  Specially designed curved headboards can be added, along with such special amenities as concealed lighting that will illuminate the headboard as well as the baseboard of the bed.

Instead of using a traditional foam or innerspring mattress, round beds can be special ordered to use a water mattress, harkening back to the preferences of the 1960s when round beds were really in vogue.

Many satisfied owners of round beds swear they provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. And many round bed owners like the fact that they are inviting to use as a relaxing lounge space any time of the day or night.


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