How To Choose a Rug Pad

If you want to put carpeting inside your house, it’s not enough that you get the carpet design of your choice. You would also need a rug pad to help you set the carpet properly on top of your floor boards. This is a little known fact but you’re definitely better off affixing rug pads before laying out the carpet. Carpets can become really wrinkled and unwieldy when not set on top of a nice rug pad.

Rug pads work to protect your carpet in a number of ways. For one, it allows your carpet to sit on a surface that would allow it to set perfectly. It won’t be sliding all over the usually smooth floorboard. You would have the chance to tack the carpet to the rug pad to make the carpet thicker. This would also make it easier on the heels. The rug pad usually cushions the steps of the people walking over the carpet thus protecting the carpet against being pushed against a very hard floor board. It could also potentially minimize the noise created by loud steps being done over a carpeted surface. Having a rug pad also creates a non-absorbent barrier between the carpet and the floorboard. This makes it easier to remove stains since the stains don’t really seep into the fabric and the floorboard – it just sits on top of the carpet where heavy duty cleaners could easily remove it.

When trying to choose a rug pad, you would improve the chances of you getting a good deal on a quality product if you do these following steps:

  1. Go to your nearby home improvement store and ask the clerk for his recommendations. Most of the time, the clerks in the big shops would know how to help customers who would need assistance with these sort of question. Be aware of the carpet that you’re using.
  2. If you’re going to use the carpeting outdoors, you should get something that is thicker that the ones that are usually used for the indoor installations. If you are planning to put in a hotel lobby or any other place in the home or office that receives a lot of foot traffic, you will be better off going for the more heavy duty options. This would extend the life of your carpet dramatically.
  3. The last consideration of course is the price of the rug pad. While this article has underscored the important of the rug pad, it’s not that important that you would spend an arm and a leg for it. Try to get the most cost effective model to make sure that you can somehow make the carpets last.

Rug pads are very important in making sure that carpets look presentable. They also extend the life of the carpet by absorbing most of the abuse of foot traffic. If you want to make the most out of your carpet, you might as well shell out a few dollars for the rug pad.


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