How To Choose a Table Centerpiece

The main function of a centerpiece on a table is to enhance its settings. It is also an added accent to dinner parties with particular themes and presents a celebratory central point to your tables on special holidays. It also serves as a reflection of your individual taste when it comes to adorning with flowers or other decorative items. The key things to remember when choosing a centerpiece are its size, colors and position on your arrangement. Because of so many types of centerpieces available to you, it may be a bit challenging to find what is perfectly suitable for your table. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think about the most suitable color schemes when placing a centerpiece on your table. For a stylish dinner party or elegant celebration, certain colors need to be emphasized. Rich and vibrant colors are appropriate for these occasions. Glass vases holding dark-hued candles or foliage wrapped around glass candle holders brings a touch of class on your table setting. A centerpiece for a baby shower, on the other hand, may be characterized by colors in pastel shades and flowers of spring. Colors are an essential factor to making your centerpiece a center of attention as well.
  • Make the particular holiday the theme of your centerpiece. Christmas is the time of year when Christmas flowers like poinsettia and ivy are in abundance. Make them your centerpiece by placing them along with your Christmas candles at the center of your table. You can also place glass bowls with assorted colors of candies or pine cones for that ultimate Christmas-y feeling. When creating a centerpiece for table settings during wedding celebrations, candles and flowers carrying the same hues as the chosen wedding color produce an ambiance suitable for the occasion.
  • The size of your centerpiece must complement the number of items on your table. For instance, if your table has an assortment of silverware and several types of glasses, your centerpiece must be much smaller or narrower. Overcrowding a table is not attractive and guests may feel uneasy about touching the items on the table or find it uncomfortable to move easily.
  • You may already have certain items around the house that you can make use of as your centerpiece. Bare tree branches sprayed with white paint can be arranged inside a silver urn or vase and instantly become an elegant centerpiece. Clear glass bowls are the most versatile centerpiece items you can make use of. By placing different objects in them, you are able to change the total look of your centerpiece relating to whatever theme you have in mind for any holiday or occasion.

Aside from all the centerpieces you can easily purchase in any décor store, you may also want to try to create your own masterpiece. By doing this, you add your personal touch to your piece. It also comes out as original since it is all your own. However you decide to decorate your table with centerpieces, your creativity is still able to manifest itself and you along with your family and friends may be able to feast your eyes on your work of art.


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