How To Choose an Area Rug Size

A well-placed area rug can instantly add a splash of color to an otherwise bare and barren room. Whether it’s a solid hardwood or concrete floor, or full-on wall to wall carpeting, you can spice up the look of your room with an area rug of just the right size and shape. The design can liven up the room, or highlight a central portion. For whatever reason you decide to get the area rug, keeping it in the right size is important. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when deciding what size you want your area rug to be.

1.    Make an initial survey of your room. The initial measurements will be key to your decision-making process. Go around the room and measure the total size of the room, and record it for future reference. While you are doing so, try to imagine how much of this you plan to cover. Try to imagine the placement of your area rug, and how it fits in with the entire theme and feel of the room. Decide how you want to use the rug – as an accent piece, it should be small and tasteful. If you are going to use it under furniture, it should be large enough to accommodate even the largest pieces.

2.    Pick the right design. Choosing a tasteful design is as important as choosing the right size. Remember to pick one that will not look tacky or out of place with the rest of the furniture and other pieces in the room. While most people are drawn to the visual appeal of the rug in the shop, everything changes when you bring it into the room. It is important for you to remember to visualize the rug as a part of a whole, and not to judge it on its individual merits.

Picking the right shape is also important because the shape of the rug will also affect the size of the rug. Area rugs come in the common shapes of ovals, circles, squares and rectangles. Stick with the classic designs, because anything too avant-garde will look tacky if not coordinated properly with the interior design.

3.    Put the rug in the right place. The location of your rug will be important. Your initial measurements should have already covered the area you plan to place your area rug in. Once you put your area rug, it is best to take a step back and evaluate whether or not it adds visual appeal to the room. You can experiment with different placements (something easier with smaller rugs), to see how best to maximize the effect of the rug.

If you are using large rugs, it is best to keep it under furniture. However, make sure all pieces of furniture are safely within its borders. A well-chosen rug can easily tie in the discrete pieces of furniture, such as tables and chairs. Keep the rug under other pieces of furniture instead of leaving them free floating. Remember that rugs are a tasteful accent, instead of a main show piece.


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