How To Choose an Island Cook Top Hood Vent

More and more homeowners are choosing the island cook top because of the space saving features that you get when you attach your stove directly onto your island counter. The island cook top is perfect for most apartments in the city and urban areas where space is limited. But before you consider getting an island cook top, be sure that you also have a hood vent that will eliminate heat and odor from your cooking. Here’s how you can get a hood vent tailored for your own home.

  1. Consider the design. The starting point for your hood vent is the type of kitchen that you have and the design that will go along with it. For instance, traditional kitchens usually work best with hood vents that are tucked in discreetly into the kitchen, since the traditional kitchen has a design that generally tends to minimize the appearance of the stove. On the other hand, modern kitchens tend to emphasize the cooking area, which is why the hood vents in most modern kitchens are prominently displayed and come in large sizes above the cook top.
  2. Measure your cook top. Next, measure the exact dimensions of your cook top. Remember that the hood vents come in many sizes and shapes, just as island cook tops come in many shapes and sizes. Although most home appliance shops will only have a limited collection of hood vent sizes, it is still best to find one that will cover the entire size of the cook top, without being large enough to make the kitchen look disproportional. Also make sure that you measure the distance from the cook top to the ceiling, since this will determine how thick the hood vent can be.
  3. Browse online. Today, the easiest way to shop for island cook top hood vents is through the web. Although there are selections of hood vents available in home appliance shops, you can find the widest array of hood vents on the Internet. One of the best advantages of using the web is that checking for price quotes is very easy. You can also get discounts online, and most of the products will be delivered in a couple of days.
  4. Determine your budget. Do not forget to set a budget for your hood vent. You might be tempted to purchase a top of the line model - which can break your budget in the long run. By creating a budget first, you will be able to prevent overspending, which can happen easily once you get a glimpse of the hundreds of available hood vents in the market.

Finally, consider the other features that are present in the hood vents. There are high tech hood vents that come with sophisticated lighting, ventilation, and cooling controls. If you are a professional chef, you might consider investing in these. Otherwise, you can stick to the basic hood vent that will remove odor and heat from the kitchen, without the bells and whistles of modern hood vent designs.


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