How To Choose and Build a Garden Pond

When deciding which pond is best for your garden area, there are a few different garden pond installation methods that can be used. One way to install a pond is much simpler and easier to do then the others and will be done in a jiffy while other ways to create a pond are more difficult and will take quite a few days to complete. Depending on the size of the garden pond that you want to use will depend on which method is best for you. You can use a garden pond in a small yard and make the garden pond small enough to enjoy however enough of a pond to call a pond. You can of course purchase and install a much larger pond that will be able to hold a large number of fish rather than a small amount of fish.

Once you have decided which garden pond you want to use you will need to purchase the materials to build the garden pond. The supplies that you will need will be the lining of the pond if you are using the in ground pond that requires a lining and then will be filled. However you can purchase a plastic tub to be filled that will still be in the ground. Either way the garden pond will need to be placed into the ground and to do that you must measure the area that you want to use and dig a hole that will fit the tub or that will allow enough room to allow the fish to swim around in the garden pond. Once you have dug a hole then place the liner or the tub into the hole and fill the area in with the dirt. With the liner you will need to have some rocks placed to hold the liner down and in specific area's you will need to have quite a few rocks placed to prevent the lining from coming up during the process of filling the garden pond. You will then have to place the pump and filter into the garden pond once you have allowed some water to be pumped into the garden pond area. Once the water has begun to flow you will then arrange the rocks on the outside to hide the wires and cords that will run into the pond area.

To hide the cords simply place rocks or plants over the cords. You can bury the cords and wires as well as long as you have cords that will not get to hot and cause the functions of the pump and filter to malfunction. Once you have planted the plants and placed the rocks and put some plants in the garden pond you will want to allow the garden pond to sit for 24 hours or longer to allow the filter to filter out any chemicals before placing the fish in the pond. Once you have done this you are free to add fish to the garden pond and enjoy the fish and garden pond.


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