How To Choose Cabinets for a Victorian Style Bathroom

What good will your Victorian-style home be if your bathroom itself doesn’t reflect a Victorian style? In this article, you will find tips and hints on how to choose cabinets for your Victorian-style bathroom.

Loosely used, the term “Victorian” describes anything or anyone that reflects the rich, full, and cluttered look amidst a mysterious backdrop of propriety. The Victorian Era was the era of ladies and gentlemen, and everyone and everything from that era reflected that high sense of propriety and nobility. Today, when you talk of Victorian furniture, you immediately conjure images of rooms thickly populated with furniture bearing detailed and ornate designs.

Victorian bathrooms abound in rich flowery patterns, cabinets made of dark wood, and women’s items. Also applicable to bathrooms, Victorian rooms use shades of rich colors, thick and heavy curtains with complex designs. Victorian design is showy and uninhibited. It is cluttered, lavish, unsparing, elegant, and grandiose. These are the hallmarks of a Victorian-style home and are the keywords that you need to keep in mind when you choose cabinets for your Victorian-style bathroom.

Victorian cabinets - whether for use in the bathroom or elsewhere - are generally made of dark wood. The cabinet that you plan to use in your Victorian-style bathroom doesn’t need to be made of actual dark wood. You can go for a cabinet stained with dark wood dye or that looks like satinwood.

Cabinets that have polished gold fittings on their handles usually suggest a Victorian style. The knobs of a Victorian-style bathroom cabinet would most definitely be very attractive and overly decorated to reflect the lavishness of the Victorian Era. You can buy such cabinet knobs and handles to replace the ones on your existing cabinets. The keywords in Victorian-style cabinet handles are glamour, beauty, and ornate design. Their colors are almost always jewel-like.

Another characteristic of Victorian-style bathroom cabinets is the delicate and elaborate carvings on the wood or metal. The decorative carvings are usually cut deeply into the material so that the designs stand out when light shines on them. If the carvings involve human figures, birds, and animals, they are actually carved to look more realistic rather than impressionistic. This is one dimension that characterizes Victorian art, so it also shows in the artistic carvings on Victorian-style bathroom cabinets.

You would want your bathroom cabinet to be more than just a decorative fixture inside your Victorian-style bathroom. So, another important consideration when you look for cabinets is moisture. It can damage wood in the long run. So, choose a cabinet that is made of water-resistant material. Cabinets made of wrought iron, nickel, or chrome would resist damage due to moisture quite well. Or, if you prefer genuine wooden cabinets, choose one with a water-resistant finish.

The Victorian Era was characterized by luxuriousness and lavishness. So, if you want your bathroom cabinets to have an authentic Victorian look and feel, either buy genuine antique Victorian cabinets or make sure that they look as if you didn’t skimp on the costs for having them made.


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