How To Choose Candle Holders to Accent Your Style

This article discusses various materials used to design candle holders and how to use those materials to complement a chosen decor. This discusses candle holders made of wood, glass, ceramic, mosaic, metal and crystal for modern, vintage, country and eclectic decors.

Step 1

1. Wood - Plain and organic, this simple candleholder is the perfect accent for any room from ultra modern to classic traditional style. 

2. Ceramic - Crafted in a stone like finish allows this candleholder to have a natural aesthetic, and by embellishing with carved details it adds a rich organic feel to the light and shadows that it casts.

3. Etched Glass - In a traditional style the etched glass candleholder compliments any room. Designs etched into the glass provide another level of interest and detail that can be used to underscore the design and décor of the room.

4. Mosaic - A hand crafted mosaic candleholder offers a bohemian accent to a more traditional room, or it could work as a beautiful focal point in a sleek and modern space.

5. Glam - If you think that anything pink is fabulous, then delicate crystals offer an elegant accent to the perfect touch of glamour for your room.

Step 2

6. Contemporary - Beautiful black and white candlesticks can become part of a neutral backdrop, or they can be bold accents against a jewel toned backdrop as their geometric graphics dance in shadowy reflections.

7. Metal - When you need to add drama to any room, a tall, rustic candleholder can be a perfect accessory for your space as it adds a beautiful soft light to any corner.

8. Modern - Mixed elements like metal and wood creates a modern organic sensation with geometric shapes. This candleholder can make a blended design with two opposite materials.

9. Classic - Traditional materials for a candleholder, brass and silver offer timeless beauty to any centerpiece whether it is on a dining table, a piano or a mantel.

10. Vintage - Beautifully crafted in glass reflecting Depression Era design, a tulip candleholder brings to mind another difficult time in history, and with its simple elegance this piece offers hope for a better future.

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