How To Choose Ceiling Light Fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures add a final touch to any room. Often overlooked, light fixtures are an important design element in any space. Not only does it provide illumination to a room, but it also contributes to the overall look and feel of the space.

There are many types of ceiling light fixtures to choose from. Knowing which type to get will depend on a variety of things. If you’re not sure how to choose or which one to get, read on!

  • Determine the room or space that you will illuminate. The lighting needs of a bedroom will differ from that of the kitchen or a hallway. Before you go out a buy, you must have a particular room in mind. Knowing the exact room and space where you will have the light fixture will help you narrow down the design of the fixture itself. If for example, you are buying a lighting fixture to place on top of a pool table in your game room, then you’ll want something like a stained glass billiard or island light fixture. If you are getting the light fixture for a kitchen space, you may want to go with pendant lights, or recessed lighting. For a sunroom, consider a fanlight.
  • Decide how much light you need. The amount of light you need will be determined by the room or space you are buying the light fixture for. Kitchen will need the best illumination, so you may want to consider recessed fluorescent lighting plus under the cabinet track lights for this space. Decide if you will need a dimmer switch to be able to regulate the amount of light in a room. You may decide to install a dimmer for the bedroom, as well as the living and dining room. The location of the particular room will also play a factor in your choice. If it gets a lot of natural light or the room is naturally warm, you may want to go with lighting that is subtler.
  • Consider the overall design of the space. Do you live in a modern home or is it more of a country style home? Is the living room a Mission style home or more Italianate in design? The lighting fixture you choose must complement the overall feel of the space. A crystal chandelier will look awkward in a living space that has a contemporary design element to it. In the same manner, don’t go shopping at IKEA or Scandinavian Design for light fixtures if your home is designed with a French flair to it.
  • Consider the type of bulbs you will need. Halogen light bulbs provide the best illumination but these aren’t the most energy efficient. When buying a light fixture, try to find something that will let you use energy efficient CFC bulbs. This will help you keep your energy costs in the home lower. The color the light bulb gives off should also be considered. Most homes use warm white, which appears a little yellow. You may also want to use fixtures that use a standard sized bulb so it’s easier to replace.

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing your light fixture. You may need to invest some money, but it is a one time purchase that will dramatically affect the look and feel of your space for years to come.


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