How To Choose Door Insulation

One of the ways to lower your energy costs every month is to insulate your home.  Insulation, when done properly, can keep your home warm during winter and cool in summer time.  Doors are a great place to start.  Consider door insulation if you want a more energy efficient home.

A door should be properly sealed so no draft can enter.  At the same time, you should be able to open and close easily and smoothly.  Choosing the right door insulation depends on several factors.  Not all types of insulation can be applied to doors.  Cost can also be an issue.   

Door weatherstrip.  Door strips are installed at the top and the sides of the door.

  1. Door strips can come in the form of a padded strip or vinyl bulb that you can attach to the edge of a wood doorstop.  This is effective in preventing any air from coming in through the door walls.
  2. Another type of door weatherstrip is one wherein you use a thin strip of brass or bronze.  This is nailed inside the doorjamb where the door closes.  The metal strip bends a little when the door is closes.  When installed properly no draft goes in making your door energy efficient.
  3. Door foam tape is also used as a form of weatherstripping the door.  However, this has been proven ineffective.  It can be bulky even at its thinnest.  As a result, the door does not close properly.  Daily use of the door damages the door foam tape easily.

Replacement threshold.  The door’s threshold is subject to the accumulation of dust and dirt as well as wear and tear.  There are replacement thresholds available in the market.  Unfortunately, you may need a professional to install this, as it is a complicated process.  The door may need to be removed and partly cut off.

Door sweep and door bottom.  Instead of installing a replacement threshold, opt for a door sweep or a door bottom.  The door bottom, attached to the bottom of the door, is meant to connect to the existing door threshold when the door shuts.  The door sweep is made of a brush or pad that reaches the edge of the door threshold as the door closes.  It is attached to the inside bottom edge of the door.  For some doors, you can install both a door sweep and a door bottom.  This way, there are two levels of insulation at the bottom of the door.

Storm doors.   This type of additional door can prevent draft from entering the house and provide insulation as well.  Wood and aluminum storm doors are installed in front of an entry door.  It protects the entry door from inclement weather.  Aluminum doors have frames that are screwed to the entry door’s outside casing.  To ensure there are no spaces in between, gaps are filled with caulk.  The bottom of a storm door is adjustable.  It can be moved up or down to make sure that the door bottom fits tightly against the threshold.  If the storm door bottom edge has a vinyl strip lining it, this is replaced when worn out.

Door insulation is important to keep out air, noise, water and insects.  It is one way of keeping in the warm air on cold winter nights and the cool air during hot summer months.  Door insulation kits are available in hardware stores.  Most are easy to install.  However, there are insulation solutions that would need professional installers.  Before you install insulation for your door, make sure that you have the right one. 


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