How To Choose Door Panel Curtains

Door panel curtains are a cheap and easy way to add class and elegance to any room. You would be simply amazed at the difference that a panel curtain can make to your living room. So if you're looking to find out how to choose the best door panel or even window panel curtain for you, then here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose your preferred fabric. There are so many different types of fabric you can use for your door panel curtains. You could choose to use sheer fabric like lace or organza – they give a refreshing, airy feel to your room. You could also choose heavier, opaque fabrics like satin, velvet or cotton. Satin and velvet are used to give a room a classic and elegant feel, while cotton is more down-to-earth and easier to maintain. Know that your poles and tracking depend on which type of fabric you choose – heavy fabrics need heavier poles, while sheer fabrics require thinner and more slender ones.
  2. Choose the design. After choosing the type of fabric, choose the design. You could have your curtain in plain or solid colors; this is a safe and subdued way to complement the rest of the room's color scheme. Another design you could choose ranges from small prints to bigger and bolder ones. This would make your curtains a more decorative centerpiece instead of a background. Prints include floral, country print, plaid, stripes, gingham and a lot of others. If you want to give a more eclectic and tropical feel to your house, why not opt for tie-dyed or ethnic "batik" prints? A tip here is to make sure that the fabric's dominant color is complementary to the rest of the room's scheme, so that the curtain won't seem overwhelming or out of place. Remember, the type of fabric you choose will be a big factor as to what design best suits it. Tie dyed prints would be good for cotton; sheer fabrics have small, intricate embroidery; and bold prints are great with heavy fabrics.
  3. Choose how your curtain will hang. Apart from the fabric, you can also choose the way you want to hang your curtain. For example, you could have it hung the traditional way, such as in the French door style. This style has your curtain hung by a rod at the top, and another rod at the bottom to keep it firmly in place. Another option is to have it hung straight from a pole, with the ends free. With this you could have your fabric in pleats, ruffled, or simply straight down. As an added design, why not have a valance? Valances serve as a "top frame" for the entire curtain, and it also serves to hide the curtain track and heading. You could choose among balloon valances, ruffled valances, swags and many more. These valances can be an adequate decorative piece to stand alone during the days that you need to wash your curtains.
  4. Know other important factors. Things to factor in include the height of the door, the type of door it will hang over (wood door, metal door or glass door), the lining, and the poles and tracks (which are decorative themselves: metal gives a formal look, while wood or plastic lends a casual air to your décor). It's best to have your curtain custom made to make sure that it fits your exact specifications. 

There you have it! These are just some of the pointers to keep in mind when choosing door panel curtains for your home.


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