How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors: Choosing Paint Colors

Get Paint Color Ideas for Your Home's Exterior

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You know the house needs a new coat of paint, but how do you decide what color to paint it? Choosing paint colors takes time and consideration because you'll probably keep your home's exterior paint for a while. These tips will help you come up with some "colorful" ideas:

Step 1

Consider your home's existing permanent colors. If your home is a combination of wood siding and another material (such as brick), you will need to take this other material into consider when you choose your exterior paint. Choose a color that is complimentary to your brick color. Likewise, consider what colors will look best with the color of your roof. While most shingles are dark shades that will match nearly any exterior paint color, if you have a red, blue, grey or green roof you'll need to be careful with your color choices.

Step 2

Look around your environment. Another option is to look around your environment for inspiration. Look at the your neighbors' homes and decide whether you want to stay in line with their color choices or if you want to set yourself apart. Consider natural features like trees, lakes, and fields. Look for colors that you love or colors that you want to complement. Remember, your new exterior paint colors will be part of your environment for many years and you want to make sure that your color choice is appropriate.

Step 3

Get technical. You can choose exterior paint colors using technology, and it will take a lot of guesswork out of the process. Software exists that can take a picture of your house and change the colors of your home to any shade you can imagine. Play around with your options without ever picking up a paint brush. You'll know right away what choices work best. As a fun option, you can even print out a few examples to have family and friends help you to decide.

Step 4

Decide on your color palette. Once you have decided on the general colors you like, it's time to narrow down your choices. Visit your local home improvement store to look at paint combinations. You'll want a few complementary colors for the exterior doors and trim. You may even want to paint your shutters another color - it really depends on how bold you want to be! Just ensure that your colors don't clash.

When you choose exterior paint colors, remember that very bright, bold or dark colors will fade over time. Large surfaces also make paint look lighter, so take this into consideration when shopping at the paint store.


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