How To Choose Fabric to Make a Seat Cover

The existing upholstery of your furniture may become bland and dull or worn and torn as time passes. When this happens, the only recourse is to reupholster these pieces, whether chair, sofa, or bench ottoman. While this job can be contracted out or can be done through a tough do it yourself task, picking the right fabric for the new upholstery or seat cover is the fun part. Nevertheless, there are some considerations for this activity. Here are a few worthwhile tips to help you select the right fabric for you new seat covers.

  • Consider your theme. The first consideration that you will need to figure out when choosing the fabric for your new upholstery will and should be based on your theme. Your room may have a particular theme to serve as a guide when choosing all kinds of fabric in terms of colors, designs, and patterns. This being said, it is vital that you first examine your theme and evaluate the different fabric designs and colors you will need to match your upholstery to your theme. You will want your new upholstery to complement your wallpaper or wall paint, the shades of your furniture, your carpet or flooring, and even the throw pillow covers on your sofa.
  • Consider durability. Another thing to consider when choosing the fabric that will be the material for your seat covers will be its durability. To do this accurately, try to gauge how often your seats will be used. If you are looking at your furniture in a more aesthetic than practical light because people won’t normally sit on them, then you can settle with fabric that are aesthetically desirable then fabric that will be resilient against the constant barrage of rear ends. Maybe a nice and delicate leather or satin fabric would be great if this is your purpose. On the other hand, if you are looking for durability as the primary objective of your hunt, then consider going with denim or some sort of thick and heavy fabric.
  • Consider fireproofing. For safety reasons, most people select seat cover and upholstery fabrics that will resist flames. In essence, you should too. This is a practical way to ensure that your seat covers don’t catch fire should the inadvertent flick of a lit cigarette find its way on it. You really don’t want to invest in fabric that looks really nice only to find that is has become the main reason why your house has turned to ashes.
  • Consider easy cleaning. Another thing to ponder on is the ability to clean the seat covers regularly. You will want to install a fabric that can be easily cleaned without having to remove it. Leather or some type of leatherette will probably be the easiest to maintain but may be one of the easiest fabrics to stain. On the other hand, you may want to invest in something that you can easily remove and wash in the washing machine. In any case, make sure to tinker with this consideration prior to choosing the fabric for your new upholstery.

All these considerations will be important during your fabric hunt. Make sure to ponder on each consideration before choosing the fabric to go with. If possible, try to consult your contractor or interior designer (should you have one hired) to help you in choosing the best option for your furniture.


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