How To Choose Floor Heating Systems

Sometimes, it is indeed amazing how families survive the long cold winter months in the comfort of their own homes. Mostly, they depend on a lot of heating systems to be able to maintain the warmth inside the house. However, maintaining this kind of system is costly. Good thing that there is one other option that can help minimize this cost - installation of floor heating systems. With this kind of floor warming technology, families can save up to 40 percent of consumption in terms of energy and cost. This works by installing heating boilers in the sub-floor, therefore giving off heat to the entire house. It works to save energy, because it keeps the heat in the floor, where the heat is needed most of the time.

There are actually lots of floor heating systems in the market nowadays. Often, they differ in the materials used to serve the purpose. However, there are some systems that work better than others, a reason why you need basic knowledge first on its types before getting one. Some of the common floor warming systems include the following:

  • Hydronic heating system. When your goal is to heat the entire area of your house, the hydronic floor furnace will work efficiently for you. This amazing heating system basically uses water. It is installed under the floor through a series of pipes where heating boilers pump water continuously. This process effectively heats up a space as big as your entire house. However, it may take several hours before the effects of the floor furnace are felt. And when it has started, it needs to be continuously operated to assure efficient results. You can choose from different kinds of energy sources to power up the heating boilers. It can be oil, geothermal, solar, gas, or even electric power.
  • Electric radiant floor furnace. The good thing about having an electric radiant floor heating system is that it is easy to install and maintain as well. However, this solely works best for small spaces such as bathrooms. It can be used for large spaces, but it will be too expensive to maintain. Still, in some areas where electricity is cheap, the use of the electric radiant floor furnace is common.
  • Wood burning floor heater. Similar to the hydronic furnace, this kind of floor heating system also uses a set of pipes installed under the floor. The only difference is that instead of heating boilers, a wood box is used to heat the water. Depending on the size of the wood box, it can serve 12 to 96 hours. However, it is advisable to use other sources of energy together with this system, so as to ensure continuous warmth inside the house.

Depending on the size of your space, the availability of energy sources, and the length of time you need warmth, your choice of heated tile floor system needs to be sufficient enough for these needs. So to warm up your holidays, it is a good idea to install a floor heating system right under your floor pads and mats.


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