How To Choose Folding Beach Chairs

During the summer, it’s fun to go to the beach to cool down, get a tan or just have a picnic with your family and friends. You can bring your own folding beach chair so you don’t have to sit on the hot sand. There are several types of chairs in the market today. Here’s how to choose a folding beach chair.

  1. Examine the material the frame is made off. Folding beach chairs are either made of wood or aluminum. Each material has it’s own pros and cons. Wooden frames are more durable but are heavier than their aluminum counterparts. If you will not be moving the chair around much (such as placing them on a balcony) you may go with wood since they are sturdier. Aluminum frames are much lighter so the chair can be carried for farther distances, though it may have a tendency to bend. Some chairs have wheels on the legs, though these may not work so well if you have to drag the chair on the sand.
  2. Check the material of the seat and back. You can chose from canvas or other sturdy cloth and plastic. Canvas is more comfortable and won’t leave weave marks on your skin, though it takes a long time to dry. Go with canvas if you will be using the chair for sunbathing. Go with plastic if you want to be more flexible and want a surface that dries and cleans easily.
  3. Test the maximum weight limit of the chair. Manufacturers indicate the maximum allowable weight of the chair. Follow it. You don’t want your beach chair to collapse while you are sitting on it.
  4. Check your comfort level in the chair. Most chairs have a slight recline that can be adjusted by several degrees. See how far back your chair can go and if there is a position that feels comfortable to you. Some chairs have a higher back design, which provide more support for a larger person.
  5. Carry the chair in the store to determine its weight. The beach chair should be lightweight for you to carry. Remember, when you go to the beach, you’ll probably have other stuff that you’re bringing along such as bags, towels, a cooler and beach toys. See if you can carry the beach chair overhead. You may need to store your chair in your garage or some other high place when not in use. Some folding chairs can even be folded as a backpack.
  6. Don’t forget the extras! Folding beach chairs nowadays come with cup holders, an umbrella holder and even side pockets to put little things in. Of course, the extras add up to your cost but it may be worth to pay a few more dollars for the extra convenience.

You can purchase a good beach chair for under $50. Go with your comfort level. Try out the chair in the store before purchasing. With a little research, you can enjoy many hours at the beach with your new chair.


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