How To Choose Framed Art for Your New Game Room

You've been planning it for years, and now you're finally breaking ground on the addition that will soon be your new game room. No more stepping over monopoly matches in the hallway, or taking up the whole dining room table anytime someone wants to do a jigsaw puzzle. Not to mention that now you'll finally have a place to put that pool table that you've always dreamed of! Having a new room in which your family and visitors can recreate and relax is a great addition to any home; however, you'll have to know how to choose the right framed art if you want to create a place where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Step 1

The first thing that you'll want to think about when choosing framed art for your new game room is who will be the people that use it the most. Are there still very young children in your household that will be using the room for video games and finger painting projects or will it be a room mostly used by you and your adult friends as a place to play darts or have weekend card games? If you want to make a truly pleasing room, taking into account the interests of the people that will be using it will help you make it as comfortable as possible.

Step 2

If you are going to be hosting game players of a younger variety, you will probably want to choose framed art that depicts fun colors and interesting scenes. Paintings of kids playing sports or interesting objects like bicycles or boats from an earlier historical people is sometimes a perfect touch to a neutral game room. If you will be entertaining older guests in your game room, you might choose paintings or prints that show big cities, like New York or Paris, or scenes from sports.

Step 3

Another great idea is to mix the framed art with your own family photographs or artwork that you can use to add you own personal touch to the room. Nothing else starts a conversation better than a piece of artwork your child made when they were young, or a family picture from your vacation at the beach. Use the art in your game room as a way to get to know your friends and family better through the way that you create an inviting place for them to relax. Keep in mind that there is usually artwork that will fit any budget. You just have to be creative.


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