How To Choose Garden Statues

A beautiful garden can be made up entirely of plants. But, there's no stopping you if you also wish to incorporate non-plant elements into your garden. As a matter of fact, it is a common practice among gardeners. Garden statues, for example, are quite popular in many gardens around the world. Your choice of garden statue will have a significant impact on the looks of your garden, as well as enhance its overall theme, and give it your personal touch.

Before you go out to buy a statue for your garden, read the following tips for some hints on what to consider when choosing garden statues.

  • Make sure you have space for your statue. If your garden area is very restricted and limited, you may not benefit much from placing a garden statue in there, or else you can settle for a smaller-sized one. If your garden is large enough, designate a good location for your statue. You need to decide on this beforehand, as the location will significantly influence your choice for garden statues. For example, your garden statue must not shade your plants, or else the latter will be deprived of sunlight. Also, the garden statue must not cover or hide your plants from view.
  • Consider the material of the statue vis-a-vis the climate or weather conditions in your locality. If you live in a rainy area, you wouldn't want to buy a garden statue that cannot withstand too much moisture, dampness, humidity, or wetness for long periods. If you live in a cold environment, you would want a garden statue that won't split or crack during the winter season.
  • Try different gardening stores. Don't just shop at one store. You can even try shopping at pottery shops, and even online shops. Home improvement stores also often have a range of garden statues. The important thing is that you must widen your range of choices so that you can opt for the right one that fits your garden well.
  • If you want a garden statue that spouts water, buy the other implements or components at the same time as your statue. Make sure that you know how to connect the pieces together or set up the plumbing work. Alternatively, you can hire a professional set up the system so that you won't damage your newly bought statue.
  • If you have designed your garden according to some theme or concept, you might want your statue to blend in appropriately with the theme. For example, if you have a fantasy theme, you may want garden statues of fairies, elves, or gnomes. The important thing to remember is that your garden's elements must all work together as a whole.

You have to choose your garden statue well, as it sets the tone for your garden. In almost all cases, garden statues themselves become a part of the garden scenery itself that you could hardly imagine your garden without it anymore. Garden statues are meant to last a long time, so you should choose one that endures and will survive time.


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