How To Choose Heirloom Lighting Fixtures

Perfect heirloom fixtures can make your home even homier. Many houses have lighting fixtures in and out of the house for reasons of security, safety, or just to give a better ambiance to the house. If you are planning to buy heirloom lighting fixtures or have the lighting fixed, it is best to consider the design of your house. Here are tips on how to choose heirloom lighting fixtures.

  • Consider the architectural design of your house. There are actually websites that have images of lighting fixtures that are suited to different architectural styles may they be gothic or some other style.
  • A Gothic Revival architectural style has a pointy window top, has a porch, steeply pitched roof, and has dormers. The Gothic Revival which usually comprises of wood is the most dominant style in America during the mid-1800s. Usually when you say Gothic, the chapels and churches made of bricks usually come into mind. This style may also be found in churches or other buildings and houses. This kind of architectural style is best suited with circular shaped glass lanterns and triple-arm sconces.
  • If your house is more on the Queen Anne architectural style, then the heirloom lighting fixture usually used are more on chandeliers that are made of wood, lanterns that are hanging, and also a triple-tier for your lighting inside the house. The Queen Anne style is a house set in the Victorian era that is considered the most romantic, eccentric, and feminine style of architecture. You will know the house has this kind of style if it has stained glass, bay windows, and front gables. The towers may either be round or squared shape, the roof is irregular, and the shape of the house is not symmetrical.
  • The Arts and Crafts Movement style usually involved native materials from the Midwestern and the Western that flourished during the industrial era. Since it is during the industrial era, the house usually has visible roof rafters, hallways, many windows that may be leaded glass or stained glass, and an exterior stoned chimney, low roof and triangular brackets. When you say Arts and Crafts, the bungalow house comes into mind. The lighting for this style is usually made of metals like copper and iron. The fixture is square shaped and very simple.
  • If you want to seek advice with regard to lighting fixtures, search the Internet and go to the websites of companies that provide products and services in lighting. These sites will suggest different lighting for different architectural styles.

Different heirloom lighting fixtures are made according to the style of the house. A lighting fixture that is quite different from the theme of the house may ruin the design and may look like an ugly duckling. If your house reminds you of the same style in old churches with pointy windows, then your house may be based from Gothic Revival style of architecture. If your house is more on the Victorian side, then Queen Anne style is possible, while if your house is a bungalow, then Arts and Crafts Movement is your architectural type of house. Seek professional advice to determine what lighting fixture suits your house.


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