How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Decor

Kitchen decors
Simple details like door knobs and handles are sometimes neglected when one is planning on decorating a room, most especially the kitchen. People tend to focus more on the bigger and noticeable details such as wall paintings, the color of the paints, the type of counters or tables to put in the kitchen, and so on. The simple yet neglected details can actually have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks. Your kitchen looks more eye-catching if everything found inside the room is well placed and well matched. This article will provide you tips on how to choose kitchen cabinet hardware to match the décor of the kitchen.

  • Match the design and color of the door knob with the theme or design of the entire kitchen. If the kitchen is filled with black and white, then the knob should either be white or black also. If the kitchen has garden theme décor, then door knobs with vegetable shapes or designs are well matched.
  • The materials used in decorating the kitchen also matter. Match the materials of your cabinet door knob and pull with the materials of the décor. If the dominant material used for countertops and cabinets is wood, then a wooden doorknob is preferable. If your kitchen is more on metal materials, then stainless steel knobs those or made of copper are suitable.
  • The style of the cabinet hardware should also be the same as the style of the entire kitchen décor. If you want to have a little modern look, then bar pulls based on European styling is good. For a country style ambience, cast iron door knobs and handles are suitable to the décor.
  • If the style of the kitchen has era-themed décor, then match the hardware cabinets with the materials predominantly used during the era. For example, if the kitchen is a Victorian theme, then glass or porcelain knobs are best.
  • Make sure that the hinges are also matched with the handles and the entire décor. If your previous hinges are made of brass and your entire décor is dominant with wooden materials, then the color of the hinges should also blend with the color of the wood used. The hinges should not be very visible. They should camouflage with the color of the cabinet.

Browse the Web for possible designs suitable to your kitchen décor. There are actually images that provide you some great ideas on which kitchen cabinet hardware designs match with the theme. There are also online stores that have a variety of designs, materials, and shapes for cabinet hardware. There is also a possibility that through online shopping, you can purchase these items at lower prices. Be reminded that cabinet handles are usually larger than cabinet knobs. In choosing the cabinet hardware also remember if it matches with your entire décor. It is also a must to keep in mind that the cabinet hardware that you are buying is durable.


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