How To Choose Living Room Decor

The living room is usually the area where you entertain guests, and where the family gets together to relax and bond together. You want to make it a very relaxing place, at the same time, make it look neat, clean and organized. In the living room, you usually place a couch, a center table, a magazine rack, and a shelf where the entertainment system is placed. Here are some ideas in choosing your living room decor:

  • Decide on the kind of chairs and couch you want. You can choose from a variety of couches – from the simple leather covered couch to the elegantly wooden carved arm rest and feet. There are also love seats in different colors and material. For the individual who loves to read, watch TV or just rest while seated, club chairs, loungers and recliners are the options. These are good for living rooms that are spacious. If you have limited space, you can use an ottoman. These are usually used as a foot stool, but you can use them as chairs as well.
  • Choose your center and side tables. Most times, when you shop for furniture, the couch, chairs and tables come as a set. Choose tables that are functional as well. Glass center tables may not be ideal if you have kids in the house. Place some decors on the tables such as flower vases, crystals and figurines.
  • If you have a bare wall, you can choose to hang a painting, a family portrait, or a wall carpet. You can also hang wall decors such as wall vases, artifacts and other decorative items. Wall lighting also makes the living room interesting.
  • Lampshades on side tables also add life to the living room. You can match the lamp shade color with the color of your furniture.
  • If your windows are bare and the windowsills are clear, then bring it to life by hanging curtains. You can match the color of the curtain with the furniture, or the color of the table covers, if any. Curtains are both decorative and functional, as they can be used to give you some privacy and to block direct sunlight. You can also put the curtains down while the windows are open, to let the air in but not let the people outside see through it. Use thin lacy curtains during the summer, and thicker silky curtains during the colder months. If the living room is well lighted, then a dark colored curtain is fine, such as maroon and blue, but if the living room paint is already dark and the lighting is mostly yellow lights, then a brighter and lighter color is preferred.
  • Use decorative items that are for specific occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other occasions that are specific to your place, culture and beliefs. Other people also place as decors the figures of characters found in their religions.

Your living room decor reflects your personality and your family values, so feel free to express yourself and share your family’s culture with your house guests, through your decor.


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