How To Choose Paint for Interior Plaster Walls and Ceilings

In building your house, there are a lot of choices to make especially when it comes to the materials that will be used. When you have built the outer portions of your house, the next step is to finish your interiors. This involves making more decisions, one of which is the right paint for your interior plaster walls and ceilings. Here are some tips in choosing the right paint for the job.

  • Know the different kinds of paint. When you are building your home, you would like to choose materials that are affordable and durable. In having a good finish for your interiors, you need to purchase the best paint for the job. An example of this is a kind of paint that is known for its one coat quality which is basically rubber-based. This can be used on surfaces covered with wax or even plastic. Unfortunately, it has limited colors, mainly black and white. Another kind of paint that provides a good finish is an undercoat. This gives bonding strength to surfaces, glossiness, and consistency. This usually serves as the coat beneath the top coat wherein the paint primer is painted over.
  • Determine usage. Aside from the kinds of paint that can be used on walls and ceilings, the usage of the room where the interior plaster walls and ceilings are should also be determined. This will also aid you in making your paint choice. For example, if you are to paint walls of kitchens or laundry areas, the best paint to use is Resene. This paint manufacturer produces paints that can handle rooms with lots of moisture. For other paint options you can refer to Remember that referring to online sources such as that, can provide you with paint options when it comes to application on different surfaces, colors, and finish among others.
  • Assess the surfaces. In painting one's home, you need to check if the surface you are going to paint on is new or not. In any case, when you handle plaster walls and ceilings, the main thing you need to do is seal the plaster. Thus, it requires several coats of paint to ensure that the wall and ceiling are properly sealed before you use the paint primer to determine the color of your room. If the room you are about to paint is old and your goal is to repaint the plaster walls, then you need to roughen the surface first and de-gloss the surface before you can apply the sealer. This will ensure the adhering quality of your paint job.

Painting your house may be an easy job as long as you know what types of material to use and how to apply them. A tip for a job made easy is to seek advice from the paint sellers or even carpenters or interior designers in your neighborhood to be sure that you will purchase the right kind of paint. Note that paint usage is always on a case to case basis so don't hesitate to seek help especially if this is your first time to do the painting on your own. As you follow the steps provided, remember that is it best to assess the area to be painted before choosing the right paint for your interiors.


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