How To Choose Pet-Proof Carpet

Pet proof carpet
The prospect of buying new carpet is a little confusing with the many varieties available, and when pets are a part of the family it becomes even more perplexing for a number of reasons. Dogs that love to play ball and run through the house are very hard on carpets. Their nails can catch on the fibers and cause considerable damage. Cats occasionally cough up hairballs and leave behind stains that are difficult to remove. It is important to choose pet-proof carpet that is stain-proof and durable. The following information will help you choose pet-proof carpet that will stand up to roughhousing, long nails, and all types of stains pets leave behind. It is possible to find pet-proof carpet that will last for many years.

Step 1

Pet-Proof Stain-Resistant Carpet. When shopping for new carpet it is important to choose a variety that is pet-proof and resistant to all types of stains. Do not assume that all carpets these days are stain-proof. Look for stain-resistant labeling and ask questions when considering the many available options. However, stain-resistant carpeting will repel stains but it is not indestructible. The fibers will not as easily absorb stain-causing liquids, but this does not mean that spills and spots can be ignored. It is still imperative to blot up liquids and remove solids as soon as possible, and it is of the utmost importance to follow product labeling regarding cleaning and care.   

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Avoid Carpet that Snags. Stains are not the only problems when pets are part of the family. Snags are a major concern, and Berber carpeting is far from pet-resistant. It snags more frequently than any other carpeting available, and once it begins snagging, like an unraveling thread it keeps on going until it reaches the other side of the room or until the snag is stopped and the damage is repaired. Carpet repairs can be very costly, and Berber should be avoided at all costs when looking for pet-proof carpeting. Many pet-proof varieties are available that will not snag and become seriously damaged.

Step 3

Color Choices. Considering the stains pets can and will leave behind, avoid light-colored carpets when looking for a pet-proof variety. On the other hand, unless pets have darker colored fur, avoid dark carpeting that will show lighter fur that is shed. Opt for mid-range colors, and consider selecting a variety that includes more than one color. Solid colors are more likely to show stains, and variegated or mottled varieties are more likely to hide them.  

Step 4

Tightly Woven Low-Pile Options. Carpets with tightly woven fibers and low pile are by far the best when searching for a pet-proof variety. Commercial grade carpets typically used in apartments and hotels are pet-proof and people-proof. They are made to withstand wear and tear, they are stain-proof, and they are by far the best choice when searching for a pet-proof option.

Visit your local carpet retailer, and ask to see samples of commercial grade low-pile stain-resistant varieties. This style might not be your first choice, but Berber which is not nearly as popular as it used to be, and Frieze which is considered the new shag are not pet-resistant or a good choice. Carpet is a major investment, and when choosing a pet-proof variety that investment will last for many years with proper care and regular cleaning.   

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