How To Choose Plants Kids Will Love to Grow in Their Classroom Project

Easy to grow = Happy children!!

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Growing a garden with your students
can be a fun and rewarding task for you and for the children. The importance to gardening with children is to keep their attention at all times. I know as a child if my outdoor experimental garden did not grow I was tremendously discouraged and gave up quickly. Children are like that, easily distracted and discouraged. They want to see results, often times faster than we can produce them. No matter how much you explain, this attitude will be the same for gardening.

That is why it is incredibly important to choose the right types of plants for your gardening project. There are plenty of plants out there that the children will be familiar with, and will also be very easy to grow. The easier to grow, the more involved the child will become. They will feel as though they have accomplished something, and you will feel the same. Just seeing the happiness on their faces when that first plump red tomato is picked from the vine.

In this article you will find a list of the best and easiest plants to grow with children.

  1. Herbs. Different herbs are always great to grow with children. There are usually spices that children recognize from every day life, but they are probably unaware of where the spices come from or how they are grown. This is a great opportunity to grow different herbs that children may be familiar with. The smell will entice them, and often herbs are among the easiest plants to grow.

    A few great herbs to grow are: 

    • Thyme and Oregano. They will grow easily, as well as have a pleasing smell. The children will be able to relate them to foods they may have eaten, such as Italian foods with oregano in them.
    • Another great herb to grow is Lemon. The children may not be as familiar with lemon, but it will give off a great smell that will thrill them! Be sure to keep the Lemon contained in its own area, as it grows easily and will spread quickly.
  2. Flowers and Leafy Plants. Flowers will always be a hit with children. The color and the smell will pique their interest in growing them, especially from seeds. There are three great flowers that are easy to grow and the children will absolutely love.
    • Marigolds are not only beautiful, but they are among the easiest to grow. They come in a variety of reds, oranges and yellows, and even sizes.
    • Snapdragons are also another wonderful choice. They have a unique shape and come in many colors, and have quite a catchy name! They also grow easily.
    • Another great flower to grow with your children are Sunflowers. They are magnificently tall and amazing flowers that grow with ease. They, of course, grow best if you have an outdoor garden to allow them to grow without restraint. The children will also have the opportunity to gather the seeds from the flower, clean them, and even eat them.

    Another option is to grow a leafy plant. When choosing this look no further than, Lambs Ears. Lambs Ear is a delightful green plant which is aptly named for being as soft as a lamb's ear. They grow easily and the children will be pleased with the soft touch. Between the color, the smell and the touch, the children's senses will be put into overdrive!

  3. Fruits and Vegetables. They will always be among children's biggest interest in growing. Even very young children know that veggies and fruits (some) come from the ground, and they will be excited to take part in the growing process.

    The best fruit that grows in the ground to grow with children is strawberries. Wild strawberries grow very well in many different conditions. They also have a wonderful smell, and an even sweeter taste when fully ripe. The children will no doubt be excited to search for the ripe red berries once they are ready to be picked fro the vine.

    Lettuce and carrots are great veggies to grow with the children. They are among some of the most recognizable for them and will grow quickly. Another fun and easy option is tomatoes. They grow up a trellis, twisting and turning the whole way. The children will undoubtedly have a great time guiding them up the wires and then picking them when they are red and ripe. Peas also have this same affect, and the children will love picking them out of their pods when they have grown.

If you choose the right "ingredients" to grow in your garden with the children it will no doubt be a success! Remember to keep the children involved every step of the way, and keep a positive attitude. The garden will be growing before you know it, as will the smiles on the children's faces.


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By Marilisa Sachteleben