How To Choose Plants to Make a Room Smell Good

You can use air fresheners to make a room smell good. But because these products are chemical-based, you are risking the health of your family every time you use any of these. So to prevent compromising human health, you better use indoor plants to freshen up a room. There are lots of plants you can choose from, but here are some guidelines to help you pick the best plants for your room.

  • Identify the scent that you want in the room. There are as many fragrances as there are plants. So identify exactly want you want to smell in the room. Do you like a tropical scent? Then, go for Salvia elegans. If you want a vanilla-scented room, iris would be perfect. If you want lemon fragrance, you can’t go wrong with honeysuckle.
  • Find as many indoor plants as possible. Options are never really a problem when it comes to fragrant plants; you have lots of them. What you only need to do is to look for as many as you can and decide which among them fits the fragrance that you are looking for. You can look for plants in a farmer’s market or a local nursery. You can also try to look online. The only problem with online searching is that you can’t smell the plants and so rely only on the descriptions. So if you have time and resources, it is best to personally look for plants.
  • Consider the size of the room. In general cases, plant fragrance can cover 100 square feet. But if you are using a plant that has a strong fragrance, one plant per room will do. If your room, however, is quite small, placing a strongly fragrant plant can be counterproductive. The smell can be too pungent, making it impossible to enjoy the fragrance. Yet, there are also plants that don’t give off smell as strongly. Many times, you have to go near them to smell the fragrance. In this case, you may want to place as many plants as necessary to diffuse the smell all over the room.
  • Learn how to care for the plants. To make sure the plants will serve you for years, it is important that you know their maintenance requirements. How much water do they need? Can you put them under full sun? What kind of fertilizer do you need to apply? And in what kind of weather do they thrive? Remember to ask these things when buying plants.
  • Figure where exactly you will place the plants. The smell should be room-specific. For example, if the plants are going to be placed in the kitchen, they have to overpower the soiled kitchen smell. If they are to be situated in a teen’s room, they have to be sweet-smelling and relaxing. Also, decide whether the plants will end up by the window, door, or any other part of the room.

Remember also that plants generally give off smell at different times of the day. Some plants are at their most fragrant in the mornings, while others release smell only in the evenings. Still others give off smell the entire day. Consider this when choosing plants.


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