How To Choose Stainless Steel Flatware

Stainless steel is a revolutionary material that has gained popular usage from electronics to home furnishings. Today, stainless steel is also becoming the choice for flatware in the table. With stainless steel, you can be sure that you will get many years of use from your flatware. Here's how to choose the best stainless steel flatware for your table.

  • Understanding the ratings. Go to the local home depot and check out the flatware section. You will notice that there are ratings in the packaging of the stainless steel flatware, usually expressed as a proportion or a fraction. The two numbers actually refer to the chromium and the nickel content. The chromium and the nickel are two ingredients in stainless steel that make the steel shiny and very durable. The higher the nickel rating, the shinier the flatware will be. More nickel also means that your flatware will be more durable and harder.
  • Weight and durability. It is not just the nickel content that you should be looking for, however. Also consider the weight of the flatware. Generally, heavier flatware is much sturdier and will usually last a longer time. These are the preferred flatware for many people who consider durability as the biggest determining factor when choosing stainless steel products. However, you should also understand that stainless steel can be quite heavy, and may be difficult to wash. Some dish cleaning machines will even crack at the seams when filled with heavy stainless steel flatware.
  • Budget. Stainless steel flatware is often considered an investment, because it will last a very long time. Be prepared to shell out a good amount of money to buy the flatware, however. If you are financially constrained, consider setting a budget first. Determine the basic number of pieces that you need, and stick to your limits. The last thing you want is to buy a complete set of flatware, only to discover that you barely have enough in your bank account to feed yourself for the next few weeks. If you plan on building your flatware collection little by little, stick to basic designs. Some complex designs may go out of stock, which will leave you with an incomplete collection.
  • Patterns. Also determine the patterns that come with the flatware. The patterns should be visually appealing and should conform to the design in your kitchen. Remember that stainless steel flatware all look relatively the same, because of the uniform color of the stainless steel. By choosing the patterns carefully, however, you can still end up with a fancy set of flatware.
  • Sets. Finally, consider purchasing the flatware in sets. There are some flat wares that include knives, cups, plates, saucers, goblets, teaspoons, etc. These are usually much cheaper when compared to buying the flatware by the piece. Apart from the number of pieces in each set, also consider how many sets you need. Usually, a set of 12 is enough for a family and some guests.

If you want flatware that is sturdy and durable, stainless steel flatware is for you. These steps should help you select the best stainless steel flatware for your home.


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