How To Choose the Best Shower Mirror

Installing a mirror in the shower is a great convenience, especially for men who enjoy using their shower time to do their morning shaving. Your ultimate goal is to make your shaving experience as hassle-free and time saving as possible, so you want to select a shower mirror that will make your daily shaving experience quick and easy. Here are some tips about how to successfully select a shower mirror.

The basic shower mirror is usually a rectangular device that attaches to the shower head piping, with a waterproof frame enclosing a fog-free mirror that allows for close-up inspection. Some amenities included with shower mirrors are battery operated clocks and lighting that operates with an on and off button for better viewing.

You want to choose a shower mirror that is durable, portable and as maintenance free as possible. Choose a shower mirror that is as lightweight as possible with no hooks or projections that can restrict your movement in the shower or interfere with the shower's water flow. Look at yourself in the mirror to see that your reflection is clear and sharp with no distortions.

If the lighting is adequate in your bathroom, you may want to forego getting a shower mirror with built in lighting because this makes the unit heavier and requires batteries and maintenance down the road. If you travel and want to take the shower mirror with you, you will want as simple and uncomplicated a unit as possible that makes it easy to stow in your travel bag and move back and forth between your travel case and using it again in your home shower.

Look for a shower mirror unit that will hold a variety of razor brands rather than restricting you to a specific brand of razor. Check product brand reviews to be sure that the style of shower mirror you select gets a high performance rating and you won't be disappointed by a mirror that cracks, chips, peels or degenerates after just a few months of usage.

Choose a shower mirror that has little or no moving parts because you will run less risk of having anything break. Construction of the shower mirror should be sturdy, but no so heavy that it pulls on the shower fixture or falls off the wall because of its weight.

The best shower mirrors are constructed of plastics or other materials that are waterproof and indestructible. Make sure the compartment that holds the razor has a drain so that your razor isn't sitting in pooled water until you use it the next day.

A well-constructed shower mirror can last for years, given just a minimal swipe of toweling every day to eliminate water droplets.


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