How To Choose the Best Toilet

The toilet is one of the modern home fixtures that everyone uses. Gone are the days when people relied on outhouses for their basic needs, and one of the questions that you need to consider when you are building your home or renovating your bathroom is how to choose the best toilet. Today, there are plenty of toilets available for installation in your home. Choosing which one will work best for you can be daunting, unless you know what to look for. Here are the steps to choosing the best toilet.

  1. Water use. One of the major factors that most people consider in their toilets today is water use. There are toilets that are designed to minimize water consumption. This is through the streamlined designed which will allow the toilet to flush with little water. Some other toilets, on the other hand, have twin tanks which will allow you to choose light water use and heavy water use on the same toilet. Light water use can be for liquid waste, while heavy water flushing can be used for solid waste. Some other toilet designs integrate waste water from the sink and laundry, and will recycle this into toilet water. Whatever type of toilet best suits you, make sure that it minimizes water use as much as possible. This will help you conserve water, and minimize the impact of toilet use on your budget.
  2. Design. How the toilet is designed cannot be forgotten when choosing the toilet. There are minimalist toilets today, and there are fancy toilets that come equipped with a variety of other functions, including automated seat warming  that will allow you to use the toilet without the traditionally cold feel of ceramics on your body. In general, however, the design should fit the over-arching theme of your bathroom, as well as the size of your bathroom. Larger toilets will not fit comfortably in smaller bathrooms, while smaller toilets will look out of shape when placed in larger bathrooms. The color of the toilet should also be factored in with the rest of the bathroom design.
  3. Price and durability. Finally, you should look for a toilet that fits snugly into your budget, while still being very durable. There are many types of toilet manufacturers that offer toilet lines in various prices. You can choose toilets in the lower end of the spectrum  but still created by the same manufacturer to ensure you that you are getting high quality toilets that will not crack or stain easily. Manufacturers are one of the best gauges of quality when it comes to toilets. Included in the durability factor are the components and attachments of the toilet. There are some toilets which have stronger seats, better flush handles, and better internal mechanisms that will allow you to flush effortlessly for a long time. There are also low end toilets whose internal plug can quickly unfasten itself after a couple of months.

Choosing  the best toilet for your home means that you should be able to balance water conservation, design, price, and durability all in one. With the hundreds of toilet options out in the market today, however, finding one should not be too difficult.


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