How To Choose the Right Area Rugs

We carefully plan and choose the right interior design for our house, from the furniture to area rugs, appliances and other accessories. A good design blends from room to room, and area rugs are great for placing the right type of accent in any kind of room. Whether it is in the work area, play area, or the family room, the right area rug, properly chosen and placed, will make a relatively boring room look perfect. 

Before you can choose the rug that would best fit an area, it would be good to consider the type of flooring, the kind of furniture in the room and the other accessories in it. There are different types of rugs. There are carpets that can cover the whole room from wall to wall. There are bath rugs for the bathroom and round rugs for dusting off your shoes after a walk outside. There are rug runners that, if it is just the right color, will make a dark corner look interesting. Wool rugs have that interesting texture that is a welcome addition in any room.

There are certain things to remember when choosing the right area rug for a specific area. Here are some tips in choosing the right area rugs.

  • If the area of the house is a high ‘traffic' area, the design or pattern should be in darker tones to downplay the wear and tear in that area.
  • For a family room or sitting area, the rug should be lighter in color to give serenity and a sense of orderliness. Lighter colored rugs give an image of ‘bigness' to a small room while darker colored rugs create a warm and intimate ambiance.
  • Imagining the total look of the room is important, considering the size and shape of the room. The size of the rug should be proportional to the size of the room.
  • To bring ‘character' into a room, a rug with patterns or designs is suggested. This will add drama, color and texture to a room, blending with the other colors in the room. The furniture and other fixtures will now mix and match with the rug.
  • Floral designs in rugs can do two things to a room: act as the focal point or center of attention, or decentralize and dramatize the beauty of the room.
  • To brighten up rooms, especially small areas like a bathroom, or kitchen, accent rugs are advised. Color is important in choosing the right accent rug, so is the design and pattern, which should have smaller prints or patterns.
  • Large rooms need a good and soothing design. It would be good to have a cozy nook in a large room with a small rug, so a big room can have a small sitting area.

Area rugs come in different shades and colors, shapes and designs. You can purchase them at any specialty home décor store, although if their items are too pricey for you, you could wait for their annual clearance sale to purchase the items you need. You could also have a rug custom-made to your specifications, especially if there are no rugs on sale that match the size or color that you need.


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