How To Choose the Right Color for Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a personal space for relaxation, and whether you spend time watching television or curling up with a good book, it should be a space that is well decorated. Deciding how to choose the right color for a bedroom can be somewhat confusing, and looking at small paint or wallpaper samples in stores is not always the answer. Consider the following tips and advice before you choose a color for your bedroom. With careful consideration and a few suggestions, you will be able to choose just the right color that will transform your bedroom into a haven for relaxation.  

Step 1

Consider the Mood you Want to Convey

Before you choose a color for a bedroom, do not be tempted to go with something just because it is pleasing to the eye. It is important to consider the mood the color conveys before investing time and money on wall covering or paint. Color has the power to alter the mood, and in a bedroom the right color choice is of the utmost importance.

Cool colors such as blue, lavender, and green set a relaxing tone, and they are an excellent choice for a bedroom. Choose a light shade for a calming effect.

Shades of red are warm and energizing, but they can be a good choice for a bedroom. Rich red walls create an intimate feel and the right choice when wanting to create a haven for romance.

Do you want to wake up feeling energized and ready to start the day? Choose a lemony shade of yellow. A light shade of yellow will reflect light and make the room feel airy and naturally bright.

Step 2

Decide if You Want to Change the Look of Visual Space

The colors people choose not only affect mood but they also affect the way the eyes perceive space. Is your bedroom smaller than desired? Choose paint or paper in a light cool hue. Add visual height to the ceiling by painting it white, or expand the appearance of the entire space by covering the walls in the same light cool color. With the right color choice the bedroom will look larger than ever and it will have a relaxing feel.

Is the bedroom ceiling too high? Choose deep blue or another deep color to bring the ceiling visually downward. The darker color will also cover up any defects while making the bedroom feel cozier than ever.

Step 3

Select a Color in Existing Decor

If you are still confused about what color to choose when decorating a bedroom, look around the room and choose an accent shade that matches drapery, bedding, and flooring. Rooms are usually accessorized according to wall color, and unless you plan to change everything from ceiling to floor, use what you have. Choose the right hue and the room will have a completely new look without spending a small fortune.  

Step 4

Create a Sample Board

To ensure wall coverings or paint are the right choice, invest in a small sample or a single roll of wallpaper rather than enough to complete the entire bedroom. Cover a poster board and view the large sample in various positions and at various times throughout the day as natural lighting changes. This will provide a better idea of how the bedroom will look when complete, and you will more than likely end up with a hue that suits your style as well as the mood you want to convey when decorating.


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