How To Choose Picture Hangers: Hanging Picture Frames

Learn About Picture Hanging Hardware and More

Pictures make a huge decorative difference to a room. They could liven up the atmosphere, make it more homey, and make it more cosmopolitan. The possibilities are endless. Hanging up pictures is one of the easiest and most convenient ways for you to let out your inner interior decorator – we all have one, don’t we?

Apart from choosing which pictures to hang, another important thing you’d have to take into consideration would be how to hang them. There are many varieties of picture hangers available. Before you start hanging pictures, read on to find out how to choose the right hanger:

  1. Know the picture hanging hardware involved. In order to hang a picture, it would need to have a wire running across its frame, or a kind of sawtooth attachment (both of these will be found at the back). This wire or the attachment would serve as the area where the hook that would hold up the picture could pass through. In essence, therefore, you would need two components when hanging picture frames: the wire or attachment, and the hook. These two make up your conventional hanger.
  2. Know the different factors to consider. The most important factor to consider would be the weight of the picture you would hang. Before hanging it, always make sure that you ask how much weight the hooks are designed to carry. For example, Ook professional picture hangers have brass hooks that could carry from 5 lbs to 100 lbs.

    If you don’t want to drive nails through your wall, you could consider using hooks with strong adhesive material that would enable you to stick it directly to your wall. Make sure that you follow instructions for adhesive hangers properly to make sure that the strips are firmly attached. Better yet, there are available strips that you could stick directly to the back of the frame, which then enables you to attach it to the wall – no more need for hooks and wires. One company that manufactures this technology is 3M, with its “Command Strips”. You could choose small strips which could hold a picture weighing 1 lb; its medium strips could hold up to 3 lbs. Check out for more details.

    Back to the conventional wire and frame method: it depends on the frame of the picture which kind of hanger you would use. Remember, a metal frame needs a metal hanger, and a wooden one would need a wooden hanger.

  3. Know the components of a picture hanger kit. Conventional kits would have the wire and screws which you would attach to the back, and the hooks and nails (which you would attach to the wall).
  4. Know the available features and options. There are many other options available. One example is Ook’s “Kidsafe and Preparedness Hanger,” which incorporates earthquake precautionary measures (for example, center of gravity nail guides, re-enforced elbow, etc.) to its picture hanger kits. If you’re looking for mirror hangers, you could choose from hardware such as mirror holders with anchors,clips, and adjustable holders. For heavy duty hanging, consider heavy hangers that are designed to hold pictures from 100 lbs to 160 lbs – excellent for use in art galleries and museums. For more lightweight and easy hanging, choose plastic hangers and hooks that have adhesive material. You could also take advantage of a picture hanger helper (find out more at for more details) for more accurate hanging. Why not make your picture hanger a decorative centerpiece in itself? You could make a bow from leftover fabric and then use it to cover the hooks.

That’s it! These are just some of the things you’d need to consider in order to choose the perfect picture hanger for you. Now after you’ve chosen it, it’s time to choose the picture, but that’s a different article altogether.


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