How To Choose Two Colors for Walls

Painting the walls of your house can really be a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to begin. However, should you decide to paint your walls with two colors, you are already getting off to a good start. Color combination can liven up a monotonous wall. It can be done in a variety of ways depending on your preferences. While the methods are quite easy to do, choosing the colors can take a serious amount of your time to ensure you achieve the look you desire for your space.

  1. Learn what your favorite colors can do to your home. Apart from being able to make a lot of difference to the size and proportion of your space, colors can also transform your mood and even your appetite. While your personal responses to color may be different from someone else’s, research found that people share some basic responses to colors. Hence if the colors in your living room make you hungry, be ready to guide your guests eventually to the dining area, as chances are they have similar reaction. Choosing color combinations can be very tricky. For instance, if you choose two colors that complement each other, you can create a relaxed ambiance, which is good for the bedroom. Two opposing primary colors however can create a vibrant atmosphere which is good for recreational or playroom. Find out your own responses to your color choices prior to making a decision. 
  2. Determine the pattern or method of painting to be used. Splash painting is a carefree pattern that you can easily use for painting with two colors. While the splashes do not need to be perfect, have a ready design that will look good for your walls. Sponge painting is another easy way of painting two colors for walls. The finished job can give your walls a textured effect. Stripes are also very popular and can add a touch of class to your space. There are other pattern options you can use but take note that your color choices have a great bearing to your pattern preference.
  3. Browse home improvement websites and magazines. If you are not confident with your choice, you can always search the Internet for a host of wall painting ideas. Interior design articles, blogs, and galleries can provide you everything you need to get started with your walls. References on home improvement shops or where you can source your color paints are also readily available from most of these sites.

Take note that paint is available in a huge array of colors, hues, and shades. Choosing your specific color can be very challenging and confusing with so many paints available on the market. Do not get too excited to buy the first paint that looks perfectly similar to your choice. Remember to look at your color swatches in all lights of the day and night in your room. You may be surprised to find out the color you have on hand can appear very dull in your space. Take your time until you are confident to transform your walls with two colors.


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