How To Choose Wall Pictures

Wall pictures add the final perfect touch when decorating any room and space in your home. The right choice of wall pictures is very helpful in enhancing and completing the kind of atmosphere that you want to create in a particular room. But how do you choose the perfect wall picture? If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Visualize the mood or the kind of environment you want to evoke. The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place for rest and relaxation that should make you forget all your worries for the moment. Naturally, your wall pictures should reflect this too because simply looking at them can also influence your mood. Choose colors that are soft and pleasing to the eye—like light colors, pastels, or cool colors like blue and green. Creams and whites can complement any other color or décor and can make a space look clean and bright. Excessively bright, clashing colors like red or orange will make you feel agitated and aren’t recommended in a bedroom. Wall scenery like those depicting nature, flowing water, pastoral scenes and countryside life—these all produce a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in a room, and are perfect especially in a bedroom. Avoid wall pictures depicting dark themes and scenes of aggression and conflict such as bloody battles and gory scenes. When you’re choosing wall pictures, imagine one of your choices in your room and ask yourself if it makes you feel relaxed, nostalgic, romantic, playful, cheerful, or whatever mood you want to feel and evoke. If it does make you feel how you want to feel, then that’s the perfect wall picture for you.  
  2. Consider the space to be filled with wall pictures. Before buying anything, you should first measure the space intended for your wall picture. This saves you the trouble of buying something that you like, only to discover that it doesn’t fit the space where you want it to go. 
  3. Make room for your passions and interests. Whether they’re florals, angels, fantasy, aviation, exotic cultures, abstracts, sports, literature, nature and etc., choose wall pictures based on whatever interests you. Think about what you love in your life, like family and friends. Wall photos or a wall gallery of family and friends can highlight a room or space quite nicely. Don’t be afraid to mix it up because this is where you’ll have more freedom and individuality. What’s essential is that your wall pictures should also make you feel inspired and pick up your mood whenever you look at them.   
  4. Coordinate colors. When you come across a wall picture that you like, don’t just stop there. Make sure that the colors also go well with the colors of your room. It doesn’t have to match your colors exactly. If your walls are painted in plain colors, wall pictures with bold prints and contrasting colors add interest and variety. For dark spaces, add wall pictures with brighter colors that would have that effect of illuminating that specific area. Splashes of color that seem to pop and complement your décor and furniture, designs that harmonize your room’s theme, and elements that provide balance to your room’s overall look should be considered.

Choosing wall pictures is probably one of the most exciting aspects of room and home decorating. Here, you have more freedom to include your interests and passions, and give way to individuality as you create the perfect atmosphere for your room.


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