How To Clean a Ceiling Fan

Helicopters are a scary thing. When you look at those whirling blades, the only thing you can think about is hoping you don’t get decapitated.  And with the speed those blades travel, the possibility exists.  No wonder people hunch down when approaching helicopters.  But don't approach the blades of your ceiling fan like those of a helicopter.  It is possible to handle your ceilling fan with only a minor risk of decapitation!

To avoid any possibility of infection just in case a head does get chopped off, it would be best to clean your ceiling fan from time to time. Then again, it is good to clean just for the sake of cleaning. 

  1. Turn off the fan. It is hard to clean a ceiling fan when it is moving like that. If it is attached to a power socket, remove the plug. If it is connected to a switch, turn off the switch and tape it to avoid someone accidentally turning it on.
  2. Get something to step on.  If you are cleaning the ceiling fan and your tools are not long enough to reach it, you need an extra tool. Get a stepladder to step on. If you are buying a new one for this specific project, get a stepladder that is tall enough for your head to reach the top of the fan blade.
  3. Assess your vacuum.  Some vacuums have a fan cleaner attachment. Get the attachment and connect it to your vacuum. Slowly slide the vacuum across the fan blade. Always vacuum one blade at a time.
  4. Dust it clean. Use a magnetic duster if you do not have the vacuum attachment. Using a magnetic duster, clean the top of each blade with a swift back and forth motion. Repeat the same steps cleaning the bottom of each blade.
  5. Wipe it off. If you do not have either a fan attachment, or a magnetic duster, a clean dry cloth will do for the meantime. Start by dusting off loose dust from the fan. Then, wash the cloth and squeeze it to be just damp. Wipe of the top of the blade and wash the cloth again after. Do this again for the bottom of the fan blade and when you are done, move on to the next blade.

Pardon the pun, but the fan is a cool gadget for your home. It effectively circulates the air in your house, decreasing humidity and removing stale air. Cleaning it makes sure that the air inside your home is not full of allergens like dust and dander. Instead, you get fresh air going through your lungs. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about dust flying all over the place just in case it hits you in the head.


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