How To Clean a Chainsaw Chain

If you regularly use a chainsaw, you will need to maintain the chain through regular cleaning. This will help give you optimum performance when using the chain. This is especially important since the chainsaw chain is exposed to plenty of small bits and pieces of wood and sap when you use the chain for cutting logs.

Disconnect the chainsaw wiring. Start by removing the chainsaw from eh power supply. Do not only turn the chainsaw off, but remove the wire in the spark plug as well. The last thing that you want while cleaning the chainsaw is to accidentally turn it on, which can result in not only accidents, but death as well. Consult the manual if you do not know where the spark plug wire is located.

Removing the chain. Next, turn the chain knob until it has loosened the chain enough for you to sleep the chain from the teeth of the chainsaw and to remove the chain from the guide bar. If you are having difficulty removing the chain, adjust the knob further. Do not force the chain, since chain replacements are very expensive. Unnecessarily loosening the chain will also entail further work to get the chain back to its normal condition.

Creating the soak for the chain. To remove the stubborn dirt on the nooks and crannies of the chain, you will need to create a soak that is made from a cup of ammonia combined with at least a gallon of warm water. Mix the ingredients together and then use a small brush to clean the surface of the chain. If there are small bits of dirt that are stuck in the small tracts in the chain, use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt.

Rinse and dry the chain. Afterwards, remove the chain from the ammonia solution. To fully remove the ammonia from the chain, run it in warm water for several minutes, making sure that each section of the chain has been thoroughly rinsed. Use a clean piece of cloth to dry the chain afterwards, or allow the chain to hang and dry out in the air for several hours.

Lubricating the chain. Finally, lubricate the chain by soaking it in chain oil that is available in most hardware shops. You do not need to completely soak the chain – you can add just enough oil to submerge half of the chain. Soak the chain for three to four hours on each side. Afterwards, remove the chain from the oil and place it on a clean surface that has been padded with enough newspaper to absorb the excess oil. Use a clean old rag to remove the excess oil and once the oil has been removed, you can reinstall the chain back into the chainsaw.

Once the chain is back on the chain saw, you can reconnect the spark plug wire. The chainsaw should be ready for use. Schedule regular chain cleaning if you use the chainsaw frequently. Through these steps, getting the most out of your chainsaw and extending the life of the actual chain in the device can be done.


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