How To Clean a Clay Tile Roof

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Clay tile roofs rose in popularity because of their ability to withstand heat and high winds. These types of roofing are generally one of the strongest, and can last for decades if properly maintained and cleaned. Although there are professional roof cleaners, you can also clean the clay tile roofs yourself through these steps. Make sure that you keep safety in mind when working on the roof.

Prepare your equipment. You will need a hose and Roof Raider or other products that are specifically designed for cleaning clay tile roofing. These are usually available in most hardware shops, although you can also shop for the product online. Make sure that you have enough product available, and that you place these on the roof area ahead of time so that you will not have to come up and down the roof to fetch the goods.

Spraying. Take the roof-cleaning product and place it in spray cans that will allow you to spray the product on to the roof. Before you start spraying, make sure that you create a plan on how you can clean the roof in small sections. Keep in mind that once you have sprayed the roof with the product, you can no longer walk over that part of the roof since the product will make the roof very slippery. As much as possible, start from one end of the roof to the other.

Let the product work on the tiles. Depending on the type of clay tile roof cleaner that you are using, you will need to allow the product to settle on the roof tiles from ten to twenty minutes. Read the instructions at the back of the product container so that you will know how long you will need to allow the product to work.

Rinse. Afterwards, take a hose and use it to spray water and rinse the surface of the roof. Work systematically – start on the ridge of the roof so that the water naturally flows down and get more parts of the roof rinsed quickly. Also pay special attention on the gutter, which will also need to be sprayed and rinsed. Make sure that you do not step on the tiles that are wet with the roof cleaning product and water. Slipping on the roof can be fatal.

Repeat the process. Once you have covered a section of the roof that is approximately four to eight feet in size, you will need to proceed to the next section of the roof. Do not attempt to cover the entire roof with the tile cleaner all at one. Not only will this be difficult, but you will also be left with no roof area to walk on.

After cleaning the entire roof, remove the bottles and the spray hose and allow the sun to dry up the roof. As much as possible, schedule the cleaning every several months so that your roof will remain clean and looking new. Through these simple steps, you should be able to clean the roof yourself and save on money that will otherwise be used to pay for professional cleaners.


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