How To Clean a Commercial Swimming Pool

Cleaning a commercial swimming pool can be a bit more challenging than the home pool, mostly because of the number of people who will use the pool. Since hiring professional pool cleaners can be expensive, here’s how you can clean a commercial swimming pool yourself.

Remove the debris from the water. Start by removing the debris that has accumulated on the surface of the pool. There are pool surface cleaners that have nets that you can use to remove the fallen leaves and other floating objects in the pool. When choosing the pool cleaners, make sure that you choose the ones with movable net heads, which will allow you to clean without having to move your back too much. If possible, you should also install a pool cover to cover the pool with at night to keep dirt out when the pool is not in use.

Remove grime from the bottom of the pool. Next, use a pool cleaner designed to work underwater. This will remove the dirt and debris that has settled at the bottom of the pool. Before doing this, however, you should also take a brush and try to scrub the sides of the pool. You can do this manually by taking a larger scrub or brush and focusing on the parts of the pool wall which are beginning to become moldy and slimy. Afterwards, allow the bottom pool cleaner to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Make sure that the water chemistry is safe. You should also check for the chemicals that are found in the water. There are water test kits that will tell you about the chemical content in the water. If there is too much dirt in the water, you can replace some of the water to return the natural balance in the water.  As much as possible, however, you should periodically change the water in the pool itself.

Change the filters. The filter is another major component that is needed to keep the pool clean. Before cleaning the pool filters, make sure that you turn off the power supply to prevent injury. Take care when removing the valve where the filters are stored, since these are highly pressurized. Once you have released the pressure, change the filters. Filter replacements are available in hardware shops. Keep in mind that filters are often cleaned only by percentages. Thoroughly cleaning or too frequently replacing the filters will rid the filter of the good bacteria that grows in the pool filter and which removes the dirt in the pool.

Add in pool cleaning agents. You can also add chlorine and other cleaning agents that are designed to keep the pool clean. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the label, since too much chlorine or chemicals in the water is unhealthy when in contact with the eyes or when drunk, and can cause skin rashes.

Clean commercial swimming pools yourself and save up on money that will otherwise be spent on professional pool cleaners. Through these steps, you should be able to do just that.


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