How To Clean a Hardwood Floor After Taking Off Carpet

When your carpet gets old and ugly, your hardwood floor could bestow your house a completely new look. There are a number of ways on how you could make the natural beauty of your hardwood floor stand out again. And here’s the good news, you could do it on your own. Here are your guidelines:

1.    Protect your hardwood floor by removing your old carpet carefully. Check how your old carpet was attached to your hardwood floor. You should have the right tools to be able to accomplish the task effortlessly and quickly. Anyway, your old carpet may have been attached to the hardwood floor using either an adhesive or nails/tacks.

If your carpet was attached to the hardwood floor using an adhesive, assess the type of adhesive used. It could either be tar-based or general carpet adhesive. Mineral spirits are best for tar-based adhesives. Meanwhile, general carpet adhesive could be addressed by an all-purpose remover. Why? A general carpet adhesive chips off easily and could be lightly scraped. Since adhesive removers are very flammable, all sources of open flames should be closed. Proper ventilation should also be provided to avoid toxicity from the solvents to be used.

On the other hand, work gloves, utility knife, and needle nose pliers are going to be handy when you remove the carpet that was attached using nails or tacks. You should also include in your checklist a hammer, a pry bar, a set of safety glasses, and a broom. For more comprehensive instructions on how to do the job without any trouble, check out After the carpet has been removed, check out any tacks or stray nails. You should safely dispose them.

2.    Swiftly clean the room. A broom and a dustpan should be able to let you dust effectively and pick up all the debris from the carpet removal. Then, begin sweeping or mopping the floor evenly. It is best to use soap that is wood-safe. One good brand is Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is hardwood floor-friendly. It is also great to soak your mop into hot water. You may need a scrub brush for polishing the areas where the old carpet left some markings. Observe the areas where water would soak. Those areas would certainly need repair. You should take care of them separately. Towels would be valuable in drying the hardwood floor. They could absorb excess water. Allow the hardwood floor to air dry for quite a while.

3.    Finish the job with no-buff wax coating. This would put back the shine to your newly restored hardwood floor. A good alternative to a no-buff wax coating is acrylic wax. Since you are doing the job on your own, follow wax label’s directions before applying. Specifications may vary.

Following the above suggestions would save you big money. If you were ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact a floor care specialist. Consultation is usually free. Try to protect yourself by wearing safety glasses all the time. As the wise saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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