How To Clean a Silk Comforter

Silk is a great fiber, and its durability is exceptional. It is remarkably strong but very soft and sensual. That is why so much care should be given so that you can use it as your bedding in excellent condition for a long time. If you have a silk comforter and you would like to clean it, then this article can help you.

The first tip is to always use covers with your silk comforter, as this will prevent oils from the skin from setting into the silk cloth. You can also use duvets, which are traditionally filled with down or feathers as a cover in your bedding. Having a top sheet for your silk comforter is advised. You have to wash the top sheet very often. Cleaning can be done once a month. Having it cleaned too often can cause subtle damage.

Cleaning a silk comforter on your own can be tricky. You can call around and ask cleaners about their experience in cleaning silk and comforters. The best candidates are those who clean wedding gowns. Dry cleaning can be a possibility, however, trace amounts of excess chemicals might leave spots on your silk comforters. It could also harden the silk if done frequently.

The most preferred choice would be wet cleaning. This is the most common thing done to silk comforters. Use this technique only if it is absolutely important to clean your silk comforter and you are all set to do the cleaning yourself, with proper information on the process you should undertake.

There is another way—sun curing, which is the traditional way of cleaning your silk comforter. Whenever you feel that your silk comforter is starting to lose heat retention, you can use this technique. To do so, air out your silk comforter and then place it under the sun with the cover on to protect it from dirt. You can let it lie down outside for an hour or two. This process will dry out the silk comforter, since it easily absorbs moisture. Afterwards, you will feel that the silk comforter is now fluffier and slightly lighter. Placing the comforter in a dryer for thirty minutes and on an extra low heat can be an alternative to sun curing. You can do sun curing every two months.

If your silk comforter needs deeper cleaning, you can follow these steps:

  • First, isolate the soiled area only.
  • With cold water, wash your silk comforter very gently.
  • Use a delicate washing agent—those that are specially designed for silk. Do not use strong detergents or bleach.
  • The next thing you can do is to rinse it thoroughly and squeeze the water off from the comforter.
  • You are now prepared to dry your comforter on a flat surface.
  • Also, do not tumble dry or iron the comforter.


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