How To Clean a Tile Roof

Tile roofs are fabulous to look at. They lend an exotic look to a house. Since the tile used for the roof consists of a ceramic and cement material, it can cultivate the growth of molds, mildew, and algae. These organisms can break down the integrity of the tile and slowly eat through it, causing leaks and dilapidation. This build up can greatly affect the flow of rain from the roof down to the gutters. Again, this can cause leaking and additional damage to the whole structure. It is important and vital to regularly clean a tile roof to keep it clean and lengthen its durability. This is not an easy job and should normally be left to the experts. Nevertheless, you can save a significant amount of money by doing it yourself.

1.    Prepare the materials. Some of the materials needed for the job can be purchased at your local hardware supply store.

  • A ladder
  • A pressure or power washer with 1,200 PSI
  • Bleach
  • Water

2.    Prepare the solution. To effectively kill moss and algae, you will need to prepare a solution that you will use for your pressure washer. You will need water mixed with a 1% solution of household bleach. This will be enough to remove any build up on your tiles. Instead of the bleach solution, you can opt to purchase a commercial chemical cleaner suitable for tile roofs. Again, visit your local hardware store for details.

3.    Set the ladder. Position your ladder and inspect the areas needing attention. Sometimes your roof will not have an even build up of moss and algae so it is important to concentrate your efforts on these areas. However, it is still important to include the whole roof in the process. Start with the area with the heaviest build up. If you are concerned about your safety on the ladder, ask someone to hold the ladder while you are up there.

4.    Start spraying. Attach a long hose to your pressure washer if it is not the portable kind. Pour in the cleaning solution you opted for into the washer. Go up to the roof and start blasting away. If there are leaves and twigs all around your roof, do not worry. The washer should take care of that as well. Focus on the areas with heavy build up. Make sure to wash the whole roof as well.

5.    Dry the roof. Once you have evenly sprayed the chemical cleaning solution, let it dry naturally. Complete drying will depend on the sun. It could take a few hours or most of the day. Allow the roof to completely dry.

6.    Rinse the roof. By the time the roof dries, some of the moss and algae that have died may still be up on the roof. Fill your pressure washer with water and start blasting again. Once your roof appears spotless, you can relax and wait for the next time you will have to replicate this job again.

Tile roofs need to be cleaned and maintained every 2 years. This is enough time before algae and moss start to build up again. Make sure to consult a professional as well. They can provide you tips on how to keep your tiles healthy as well.


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