How To Clean Fenton Glass

Fenton glass is a collectible work of art. It is, however, quite delicate and requires careful maintenance. Whenever you clean it most especially, Fenton glass should be touched and held in a way that will not damage its color or break it apart. But though cleaning Fenton glass requires meticulousness, doing it is fairly manageable. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Dust off. The first thing you should do is remove loose dirt from the Fenton glass. Do this by lightly patting a clean, dry cloth. Be very gentle since any excess force may cause damage to the glass. Remember that most Fenton glass pieces are quite old and thus requires light touch.
  2. Prepare the sink. After dusting off, you can now proceed to prepare the sink. First, place two to three towels on the floor and sides of the sink. These will serve as protection if the Fenton glass happens to slide off your hands. Then fill the sink with water. You need warm water for this to protect the color and finish of your Fenton glass. Next, add a few cups of dish soap. Remember not to use any ammonia-based and acid-based cleaner to avoid damaging your piece. Mix the dish soap and water well.
  3. Put the Fenton glass in the sink. Wrap your Fenton glass in a thick towel for protection, and then, submerge it in water. Again, be careful when holding the glass piece and setting it in. Once in the water, partly unwrap the piece, revealing only the parts to be cleaned. Use an old toothbrush to clean the surface, but be sure not to apply strong pressure when brushing. Just gently and lightly run the brush on the glass piece and reach for deep dents. Immediately wrap the cleaned parts after scrubbing, then unwrap the parts that still need to be cleaned. Do this until the entire glass is scrubbed.
  4. Rinse the Fenton glass. When you are sure the Fenton glass is completely clean, start emptying out the soapy water. Make sure the glass remains wrapped as you do this. Then fill the sink again with clean water. To start rinsing, unwrap the Fenton glass and gently remove soap residues with your fingers. Remember to lightly run your fingers on the glass. If there is dirt left on the surface, scrub it off with toothbrush. Don’t rub with your fingertips, as you are likely to use pressure while doing this. Splash water on the glass one final time. Then wrap it with a clean, dry, lint-free towel.
  5. Dry the Fenton glass. Dry the glass after washing and rinsing. You can either leave it to air dry or wipe it dry with a clean towel. Whichever you choose, make sure the Fenton glass is completely dry before storing. If you store it damp, dust particles will stick to the glass and may cause dirt buildup.

Take good care of your Fenton glass. If it is properly cared for and maintained, it will see more years and can even be a perfect heirloom.


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