How To Clean House Gutters

The gutters on your roof serve a rather simple purpose. It is the drainage for the water on your roof brought about by the rains. Technically, the water the comes from the roof slides down to the gutter all around the house and is then redirected to a downspout that will lead the water down to a designated sewage place in your home. While this is the normal route for most gutters, this sometimes does not happen the way it should. Some gutters may have drainage problems that prevents the water in it to traverse to where it is supposed to go. Now, when this happens, your roof and even your walls will be exposed to certain risks that can lead to damage. The only recourse to solve this problem is to clean and fix your gutter. Here are some steps on how to successfully do just that.

  • Access your gutter. The first step in the process will involve you bringing out your ladder and positioning it under the area of the gutter you plan to work on. When positioning your ladder, make sure that it is resting on the wall or on something solid and stable. Letting it rest on the gutter is dangerous since the material is soft and easily bendable.
  • Clear the gutters. The major reason why your gutter keeps retaining water is simply because something or a number of things may be blocking the passage way. The water will not be able to flow properly with this blockage still in place. Most probably, leaves, twigs, and grime will be causing the blockage. Get a gutter scooper and start clearing the gutter of these undesirables. The grime and the muddy dirt may be stubborn so make sure to use a little elbow grease on these. Place all these undesirables in a trash bag and throw it in the garbage can.
  • Clear the downspout. After clearing your gutters, it is now time to clear the downspout. The water from the gutters will not go where you want it to go if the downspout is blocked as well. To dislodge all the undesirables here, connect your hose to the water supply and start bursting large amounts of water with force into the downspout so that all the leaves, twigs, and grime will be forced out. Use a plumber’s snake to help you if the water is not enough to push the undesirables out.
  • Flush the gutters. Once the downspout has been cleared and your gutters are free from the undesirables, use a hose and flush the whole system with water. This will remove any other minute clogs from the system. You will be able to see if the water is flowing out the way it should as well.

Clearing your gutters and downspout of debris should be done once every month depending on the frequency of rains and the proximity of trees to your house. Consequently, prevent the undesirables from returning by trimming down the trees with branches near the gutters and by covering the gutters with a nice screen.


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