How To Clean Mildew and Fungus Roof Stains

Roof cleaning is a task that most people take for granted. You often forget the roof above your head. With pure neglect matched with warm and humid weather, it is the perfect combination for all mildew and any kind of fungus to conveniently snug themselves in and proudly call your roof their home. And then when you suddenly realize that it has been a long time since you last cleaned your precious roof that covers all of you and your belongings from harsh weather, you will quickly check the situation and see all these filthy looking fungi all over. How awful!  However, you do not need a professional to clean it for you. There are alternative ways that you can remove these unwanted organisms from your roof. As long as you have the right tools, attitude and a healthy boost of patience, you can never go wrong. To learn more about how to clean mildew and fungus roof stains, here are some effective and helpful tips that you can easily follow.

  1. Get a clean, medium sized bucket and fill it with hot water. Be very careful when doing this, you might scald yourself. Add one cup of chlorine.
  2. Dip a rag or a mop and shower all the mildew and fungus stains on your roof. You can also splash the mixture directly to your roof as well. Just make sure you wear protective gears. Let it soak for thirty to forty-five minutes. This will soften up the stubborn stains making it easier for you to remove it.
  3. After you are done soaking your roof, create the same mixture of chlorine and hot water in a clean medium sized bucket. Using a broom, dip it until it is completely soaked and wet. Thoroughly scrub all the mildew and roof stain that you can see. Make sure you dip the broom often. Repeat this process until you are fully satisfied with the results.
  4. You then rinse it by using a water hose. Hose it down with water, the harder the pressure the better. Work your way from the top down to the bottom. Be careful when doing this. Do not hose water under the shingles. Also, wear cleaning rubber boots so that you will maintain very good traction.

These are the things that you should consider when cleaning and removing mildew and fungus stains on your roof. Always wear protective gears such as safety goggles, gloves, rubber boots and overalls to avoid unnecessary accidents, injuries and even allergies that might come up. Be very thorough when cleaning your roof. Never rush. It is important that you allot a certain amount of time to make sure you remove every stain that you see. You can also add detergent in to your mixture to easily soften up the stubborn mildew and fungus stains. Things can get a little too slippery so make sure you walk very slowly. Do not attempt to run or you might fall. Good luck!


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