How To Clean Out a Sprinkler System

Dirt and debris may creep up into your water sprinkler system. In order to have your sprinkler system serve your household for the longest possible time, you would need to maintain it. You should clean out your sprinkler system at least once a month, and to help you with that, here are a few tips on how to do it:

  1. It is always wise to bring along some spare sprinkler heads in case you find that some of your sprinkler heads are damaged. Turn on the water valve and let it run through the pipes and sprinkler heads for a few seconds to thoroughly fill all the lines attached to your first station. While the water is running through the sprinkler heads, check for some damaged heads, clogged heads or heads that are not spraying out water correctly. Mark them for changing later.
  2. Turn off the water valve and identify the sprinkler head that is last to stop running. The sprinkler head that stopped last is the lowest point of your line. Once you have identified the lowest point, remove the sprayer from that head. You need to remove the lowest point sprinkler head to allow the dirt and debris to flush out through water force and gravity.
  3. Turn the water back on to flush out any dirt or debris in the pipes. The water should be running through the lowest point of the sprinkler pipe. If there are small stones or clogged dirt in the heads or pipes, take a small hatpin and poke through the sprinkler outlets. Scrape carefully the insides of the pipes to remove dirt from the water channel.
  4. Move line by line and remove the sprinkler heads one by one. Repeat turning the water valve on and off to flush out any dirt from each of the sprinkler line.
  5. After all the sprinkler heads and system line are flushed with water, replace the marked damaged sprinkler heads with the new ones before replacing the old ones that are still in good condition. Be sure that each head is securely and correctly in place before proceeding with turning on the water.
  6. After reassembling the sprinkler heads, nozzle and the pipeline, turn on the water valve to check if the water passage is flowing adequately. If the pressure of the water coming through the sprinkler heads is low, there might be some leak in the pipeline. Check the line to your sprinkler system to locate the leak.
  7. If the leak is present, turn off the sprinkler system to avoid wasting water. Contact a professional sprinkler company to fix the leak. Do not attempt to fix the leak with cheap adhesives that would not last long and could alternately damage your pipeline more.

When disassembling your sprinkler system you would need to enlist the help of tools like a screwdriver. Do not attempt to force open sprinkler heads or water lines as you may damage the system. Instead, be careful in removing parts and always replace them back carefully and securely.


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