How To Clean Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture looks great outside until you notice how dirty it can get. When looking at outdoor wicker you might notice that dust and dirt seems trapped in the weave of the furniture. The weave makes the furniture look difficult to clean but it doesn't have to be. Follow these steps and you can clean outdoor wicker furniture.

  1. Vacuum away dust. If you have an outdoor vacuum, use it to vacuum away any loose dust and dirt on your wicker furniture.
  2. Dry brush all surfaces. Use a new, soft bristled paint brush to dry brush all the surfaces. The brush can be used to get between the gaps in the wicker weave and should loosen any dirt that is stuck on the wicker. Start with the top and tightest weave areas then work the brush outward toward the looser weave areas. Don't forget the back and bottom of the furniture surfaces.
  3. Wipe with damp cloth. Dip a clean cloth into a bucket with a mixture of water and mild detergent. Wring the cloth so that it is damp, not dripping. Then wipe the wicker surfaces. Again start at the tightest weave sections and work toward the looser weave areas so that dirt does not get trapped in the tight weave areas. Be patient and rinse the cloth often as the dirt builds up. You need enough moisture to get the cloth into the open spaces of the weave without soaking the wicker.
  4. Rinse with damp cloth. Once the dirt has been removed, use a new clean cloth with a bucket of clean water. Slowly go over the surfaces again to rinse away any remaining dirt and any residue from the soapy water wash.
  5. Set aside to dry. Wicker is pliable and easily damaged when wet so it needs to dry as soon as it is cleaned. Set the wicker furniture aside so that it can air dry without being disturbed. Let the furniture dry for a couple hours before anyone sits in them.

Wicker furniture can be easily damaged if hosed down, allowed to get too wet or manipulated wile wet so follow these steps and have a little patience. You will be able to clean the outdoor wicker furniture without causing damage to the furniture.


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